Never Let Logic Get in the Way…

It is amazing that with all the experts coming out and stating that the documents produced by See BS are forgeries that See BS would still claim that they are real. Dan Rather has such a big ego and such a hatred for George Bush he would not admit that something was wrong if they threatened to remove his testicles (though he probably does not have any). There are so many problems with these documents that a red flag should have at least been raised and a more thorough investigation done. These documents would never make it as evidence in court yet See BS touts them as real. Now I don’t know if they are real or not. At least not 100%. There is no way for me to know without the man who supposedly wrote them coming back from the dead, or the person who forged them stepping up and admitting so. I do know that despite what that idiot Dan Rather would have us believe, the preponderance of evidence suggests that these documents were fabricated.
Unfortunately, the MSM will always get away with stuff like this so long as the intellectually deficient people, like those at this web site, are out there. They go about debunking the debunking and talk about logic blah blah blah. They do not use scientific methods and their argument is that typewriters did exist in the 70s that could produce such documents. I do not think this is the case, but suppose for a moment this is true. What are the odds that a National Guard unit would have had this state of the art equipment. I can tell you, that the Guard would not have had it. You can check my credentials here, but believe me when I tell you that the Guard is the last of the services to get anything. These would be out in business, not in an organization that met one weekend a month and 2 weeks a year.
Now, if we state that the typewriter existed and by some miracle the guard had it then how do we explain that one of the memos that was written referred to someone putting pressure on to sugar coat an evaluation despite the fact he had retired 18 months prior to the memo? How do we explain that handwriting experts, all except the See BS expert, agree the signatures are forgeries? How do we explain these memos being in a dead man’s private files for more than 20 years without his family knowing about them, them never being found and amazingly they appear just before a presidential election? How is it that See BS was the only news organization provided with these and they are the only one who went to bat with them and they are the only news organization vehemently defending their validity? And these are the discrepancies that exist if we assume there was a typewriter that could produce such a document and that the guard had one. Both of which are major assumptions.
I guess it is just the skeptic in me but if it walks like a duck…..
When all these so called internet experts are out there defending John Kerry and trying to show these memos are real, remember that the real experts, the ones who are not political hacks like at See BS, are the people who are saying these are not real.
While I am at it, let me put this critter to bed once and for all. A lot of pilots miss physicals. Sometimes they are performing duties that no longer require them to fly, or they are leaving the service, or a number of other reasons. Missing a physical does not make you a bad person. I can name a lot of pilots in the military who miss a physical and get grounded. They are not bad people or slackers. See previous item about credentials if you have any questions about my knowledge in this area.

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