Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

Today, Barack Obama declared the H1N1 flu outbreak a national emergency.

The White House on Saturday said Obama signed a proclamation that would allow medical officials to bypass certain federal requirements. Officials described the move as similar to a declaration ahead of a hurricane making landfall. Yahoo News

When a hurricane is about to make landfall we know what can happen and we can mobilize resources like FEMA, the Red Cross and other organizations that can help. What, specifically, can we mobilize with a flu outbreak. How does declaring this a national emergency equate to a hurricane?

The declaration allows medical OFFICIALS to bypass certain federal regulations. Notice it does not say doctors or health care providers, but officials. What officials? What federal regulations will they be allowed to bypass? Will they now be allowed to get lists of people who refused the vaccine? Will they be allowed to circumvent HIPAA and other privacy regulations in order to get information? Will they be able to FORCE people to get the vaccine?

What, specifically, will this declaration allow these unspecified officials to do?

Rahm Emanuel said that they should not allow a crisis to go to waste. Obviously, a crisis needs to exist before they can run roughshod over the country so is this declaration the manufactured crisis that allows government to enact rules and ignore our rights in order for the Obama Reich to do what it wants?

Yes, there have been deaths from the Swine flu and the numbers given include those who died in the Spring. What is the death rate, the infection rate and the recovery time of those who are getting it now and how does it compare with the normal seasonal flu which kills about 36,000 people per year?

If ObaMao has a good reason for declaring this emergency then he needs to elaborate and tell us exactly why it is an emergency and what federal regulations may be bypassed.

He also needs to tell us exactly who these officials are and what they will be doing.

Be very weary of these kinds of declared emergencies. This is not like a hurricane. The only thing FEMA could possibly do if activated at this point in time is to send health care professionals with vaccine to administer it. FEMA could possibly provide other services in the event of widespread death (set up morgues) but they could do little to curb the outbreak or make it less severe.

Seems to me that we have plenty of health care professionals who can give the vaccine. The issue right now is the shortage and problems with distribution which rest on the shoulders of the government.

What is behind this and what does he plan to do?

If these medical officials start making decisions that affect us then it is further proof that government, and not you and your doctor, will make decisions that affect you with regard to your health.

A thorough explanation is in order.

Big Dog

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9 Responses to “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”

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  2. victoria says:

    “Will they be able to FORCE people to get the vaccine?”

    I am wondering that very thing myself. I stay away from drugs and vaccines.

  3. Blake says:

    This is a manufactured crisis- yes, the H1N1 is real, but it is not any worse than the regular seasonal flu we usually contend with. But Hussein and hiz posse need to have a constant fear going so they can pass healthcare, then they will have an “environmental” scare, so they can pass Cap and Bull, and then they will have another scare after that to “justify” any other bad behavior they want to use to try and control people.
    Homie don’t play dat.

  4. Darrel says:

    Intro for Lou Dobbs show tonight (paraphrase):

    “President Obama finally got around to declaring the flu crisis a national emergency. What took him so long? And is it too late?”

    Lot’s of reasons given here.

  5. Big Dog says:

    The declaration allows them to suspend privacy rights including your rights under HIPAA.

    I do not see how suspending privacy rights is a good thing and am surprised that liberals who cried about the legal wiretaps as an invasion of privacy think this is OK.

  6. Big Dog says:

    I think they could have changed rules about where tents are set up and the distribution of stockpiled medication without suspending our privacy rights.

  7. Schatzee says:

    First of all, what does the suspension of privacy rights have to do with a potential outbreak of swine flu? Yes, the H1N1 swine flu is reaching a pandemic (if not already there). What does that have to do with privacy? First of all, as anyone should know by now, there is little if anything one can do with viral infections such as the flu except to let it work its way through your system. The only medication after infection is Tamiflu and it is only effective within 48 hours of showing symptoms. (Some even say that salt water gargles and drinking hot fluids have the same effect as Tamiflu, though I can find no scientific evidence to support it.)

    As far as the vaccine, I believe BD is right. I certainly need more information regarding the efficacy of the vaccine and its components, the potentcy of the H1N1 compare with typical Type I, II (i.e., seasonal) flu virus, the mortality rate of the virus (in non-immunocompromised populations), and much more before I would even consider getting an innoculation.

    I think the panic and fear for this flu is unnecessary and blown out of proportion, perhaps to generate such a “crisis” to distract everyone from more pressing issues such as healthcare legislation and more marxist crap from this regime. Even though I have risk factors for which vaccination is recommended (asthma), I rarely get the seasonal flu shot and I don’t intend to get the H1N1 either. In fact, if they keep up this rhetoric much longer, so many will be immunized that the rest of us will be able to benefit from herd immunity anyway.

    What a mess –

  8. Darrel says:

    H1N1 flu ‘pushing hospitals to their limit’


    “Connie Price, chief of infectious diseases at Denver Health, the city’s public hospital, says, “I’ve been living this” since Aug. 28, when the hospital’s lab reported 12 positive tests for swine flu.

    “Since then we’ve been inundated,” she says. “In a typical flu season, we may hospitalize 15 patients. With H1N1, we’ve hospitalized 10 times that many. We’re not even in flu season yet.”

    –USA Today

    • Big Dog says:

      The increase in patients does not warrant a National Emergency that violates people’s privacy.

      Also, they stopped doing confirmatory testing for every person so how many of this influx is H1N1, how many are regular flu and how many are symptoms that are interpreted as the flu.

      H1N1 is relatively mild for those who are older (absent any underlying conditions) and it is the young experiencing the problems. What is the demographic of those admitted?

      It has been my experience that when an illness is hyped up more people present with the symptoms even if they are not sick (or have something else). Not saying they are not sick but have confirmatory tests shown?