Never Give A Democrat A Break

The problem with the republicans is that they play by some sort of established rules. It does not matter that the left thinks the republicans are running roughshod all over the country. The fact of the matter is that in our country the majority rules. The problem is that the republicans can not figure out that they are the majority. They are allowing the democrats to dictate the rules for everything that is going on. To make things worse, they actually go into negotiations with the democrats and expect graciousness and class. They are more than wrong on this one.

Case in point, the judicial nominee/filibuster problem. For years the democrats have been using the filibuster to stop the President’s judicial nominees from being approved. They do not advise and consent and allow an up or down vote because they know that since they are in the minority the nominees will be confirmed. This is as it should be unless the nominee has some drastic problem that makes him unsuitable. Note to the left, opposition to abortion does not make a judicial nominee unsuitable. This short sighted one issue approach is wasting our time and money. For months we have been hearing about this so called nuclear option. I was all for the option. Get in there and end this obstructive practice and move on. The democrats used the filibuster not to protect the minority but to become the majority. By invoking it they assured that more votes were needed than the actual majority could muster. They were able to parlay their minority position in to a majority position by manipulating the system. The republicans were going to put an end to it by changing the rules regarding the filibuster. They were all set and then they did something stupid. They negotiated with the democrats.

You can not negotiate with a democrat in good faith. When they pat you on the back they are looking for a place to stick the knife. The parties involved had all the chances in the world to negotiate months ago. The time was over and the republicans should have proceeded. Instead they allowed the democrats to slap them in their faces. Shortly after reaching a compromise this is what scum ball senator Harry Reid of Nevada had to say:

“Tonight the Senate has worked its will on behalf of reason and behalf of responsibility. We have sent President George Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and the radical arm of the Republican base an undeniable message: Abuse of power will not be tolerated, will not be tolerated by Democrats or Republicans. And your attempt, I say to the vice president and to the president, to trample the Constitution and grab absolute control is over.” — Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada.

Here is the jackass leader of the minority that has been abusing the hell out of their role in these proceedings telling everyone that the radical arm of the republican party will not be allowed to trample the Constitution. This so called deal that was supposed to appease both sides allowed Reid to come out and claim victory and then pretty much blame the republicans for all the trouble. I guess the right did not learn from the screwing Newt got at the hands of Clinton. Never, ever negotiate with a democrat. They do not deal in good faith and they are dishonest. Look at the comments by the republicans. Do you see quotes where the left is called names and accused of being radical despite their radical obstructionist ways?

This deal will come back to haunt someone. The republicans should have exercised the nuclear option and then watched to see if the left had enough votes to stop it. They played around too long and the spineless folks like John McCain caved in to the spirit of cooperation. Of course, McCain wants to appeal to the left so he will have a better time when he runs in 2008. Hey John, why don’t you switch parties. Hell, you side with the donks so much you might as well be one of them.

Republican senators you need to wake up and realize you are the majority. The left does not play fairly and they will screw you. Look at what they claim. The nuclear option is off the table but the filibuster remains an option. Yeah some deal. I say again, never, ever, negotiate with a democrat.

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4 Responses to “Never Give A Democrat A Break”

  1. You hit it right on the head, I trust the D’s no farther than I can throw them.

    The first political suicide will be Mike DeWine in Ohio, simply because he’s the first to run in a red state next year. He’ll get help from the Ohio GOP who I’m sure will be attempting to clear any primary challenge, but if a true conservative does get on the U.S. Senate ballot, watch out because Ken Blackwell (Ohio’s Secretary of State, a black conservative Republican who worked on the Forbes campaign in 2000) is going to draw out a lot of conservative GOP voters as he runs for governor.

  2. Adam says:

    Oh, those silly “donks” and their obstructionism! The poor old majority Republicans just couldn’t get ALL their judges in. Party politicians gotta side with the party for everything. If not, join the other party. Well, now it looks like you guys will get all your judges, Bolton, and then who knows what else. But oh the disaster this is! Oh how cold and evil the Republicans are for joining Democrat snakes to actually agree on something.

    I don’t understand it really. You guys just keep saying there is no division, but now I haven’t met a Republican yet who agreed with the compromise. You guys act like you want whats best for the Constitution yet you really want what’s best for your party, which is a bunch of sissy ass partisan babies crying over not getting their “mandate” the way they want it. There’s gonna be a surprise next year when voters are sick of Republican garbage.

  3. Big Dog says:

    You miss the point again. The fact is when you deal with the democrats they stick you in the back. I think they should have exercised the nuclear option because by negotiating the dems used it as a weakness against the republicans.

    If they had dealt in good faith then there would be no problems but of course Reid has to come out and claim it is against radical republicans instead of claiming to be good for everyone involved.

    You can agree that most Americans do not want the filibuster ended (which is not a tradition because it is not that old) but fail to see that over 80% of Americans just want an up or down vote. If the dems don’t like a judge then give a down vote. Problem is everyone on the left looks at a person’s stance on abortion as the benchmark for radical conservatism. What they should be looking at is did this judge interpret the law or legislate from the bench. If they interpret the law then their personal views are of little consequence because if abortion is legal they will have to uphold the law. If you legislate from the bench (a trait common among the left and used to circumvent the fact that they are the minority party) then you have a problem because a judge can be an activist and try to over rule the laws by making their own.

    Up or Down. That is all we want. I believe in compromise. Harry Reid did not compromise, he just played partisan politics. McCain should have known this. The time for negotiation was long ago and the “compromising” dems only went to the table when it appeared they were going to lose the filibuster. They did not “compromise” until backed into a corner. Some spirt of cooperation!

  4. TheAce0804 says:

    Big DOG. Good post, great site. I have noticed too that us Republicans tend to feel as if we are the underdogs. I believe that the biggest reason for this is the mainstream media – although if the current trend of mainstream media outlets embarrassing themselves and dropping like flies continues, we’ll lose that excuse soon enough.

    One of my co-workers is a diehard conservative, and is constantly saying things like, “I’m not sure that its not a lost cause”. One thing to always remember is that the last election completely split this country. You were either with us, or against us, no exceptions, and no matter which side you took, you had to defend yourself to your coworkers, friends and family. And, we won! In fact, we are the majority.

    Again, great site, keep up the good work. Stop by and visit some time,