Neil Not So Young

Neil Young has been a singer who likes to believe his songs are about social change and that he is teaching us about the good things we should be doing. His song Southern Man was a knock on the south and the way it treated blacks a long time ago. Young is a has been but he is making a come back with songs to dis your President by. Yep, he is going to release an album with songs that are negative and one of them calls for impeachment, a favorite word of the moonbat club.

When Young sang the song Southern Man a very, very long time ago the band Lynard Skynard addressed Mr. Young and his ideas:

Well I heard Mr. Young sing about her
I heard ole’ Neil put her down
I hope Neil Young will remember
A southern man don’t need him around any how
[from Sweet Home Alabama]

Maybe we can get a couple of country/rock type bands to make a similar song after the Young album (do they have those any more?) is released. Maybe we can get the Strolling Bones to sing it, one group of relics to another.

Source: Independent Online Edition

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2 Responses to “Neil Not So Young”

  1. Angel says:

    ah heck listen to Toby Keith and all the country patriots instead!..he is soooooooooo over !

  2. Robert says:

    Look for Lynard Skynard to change some lyrics around and make a fool out of old Neal again. They still have 3 of the originals and they are true patriots.