Need More Proof That Liberals Support Terrorists

Russ Feingold was upset with his Democratic colleagues saying they were cowering with regard to standing up to President Bush for what Feingold calls illegal domestic wiretaps. Howie Dean sent me an email telling me that Republicans were calling Feingold unpatriotic and that he cared more for the terrorists than the citizens of the US. This is a label that most donks have been tagged with because it seems everything they do is designed to help the enemy. Dean’s email also discussed others who have been accused of being on the side of the enemy:

Agree or disagree with Russ Feingold’s censure resolution, it is completely out of bounds to suggest that anyone demanding accountability is siding with terrorists. It is simply un-American to question the patriotism and loyalty of a Senator who wants the Congress to live up to its responsibility.

We’ve heard this cowardly nonsense from Republican leaders before. They attacked decorated Veteran and Democratic Rep. Jack Murtha for getting real on Iraq. They attacked Democratic Leader Harry Reid for shutting down the Senate to demand answers about manipulated pre-war intelligence.

I guess Dean wants us to believe that all these people have the best interests of America at heart. They are, after all, the ones running around and saying they are strong on national security and that Republicans have a pre 9/11 mentality. The same thing that has been said about them for years now. They are trying to turn the tables. Of course no self respecting liberal would be on the side of the terrorists.

Enter, Ramsey Clark, who was former US Attorney General under Lyndon Johnson. He is a liberal Democrat and he is doing the honorable deed of defending Saddam Hussein in his murder trial. Can someone tell me how you can not possibly think that this man is helping an enemy of this country? Clark’s client called for the Iraqi people to stop killing each other and start killing the American Soldiers! If Clark were a true patriot he never would have taken the case (though I bet it is all about money) and now that he has taken the case he should resign over the remarks made by Hussein. He won’t because the left simply does not care about the military or the country. They want us to lose.

We are winning and will win despite the best efforts of the left to prevent it. As for Dean, Feingold, and the rest, you are not patriots and you support our enemies. I said it and you can think what you want, but you will never be able to change my mind. If that makes you unhappy Mr. Dean, good.

Source: My Way News

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