Need Any More Proof That Hillary Is Running

Hillary Clinton keeps answering the same way. When asked if she is going to run for president in 2008 she or any of the toadies in her staff always respond that she is only focused on reelection tot he Senate. This is a box of crap and everyone knows that she is lying. Hillary Clinton has the reelection in New York in the bag and yet she continues to collect millions of dollars. She is building a war chest so she can run for the White House.

Now she can play coy and the left can believe her when she feigns concern for her Senate seat. The fact is her eyes are past this November and are resting on 2008. You see, while she wants you to believe that she has not given the White House any thought (she is focused “solely” on her Senate seat) she will not promise to complete the term for the upcoming election. She refuses to commit to complete the term that New Yorkers are giving her. She must have though at least a little about the White House or she would not refuse to make the promise. In other words, she had to have thought of the impact of such a promise on her run for the WH and that means she is not focused solely on her Senate seat.

She is a piece of crap and she and her husband are terrible people who are focused solely on obtaining wealth and socializing this country. If this country elects her to office we deserve everything we get.


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