Naveed Afzal Haq Must Die


Naveed Afzal Haq is the crazed man who went into the Seattle Jewish Federation’s offices and shot six people. His act killed one and wounded five others. In the process he held a gun to the head of a little girl. During this rampage Haq was ranting about being a Muslim and mumbling that he was upset about the war in Iraq and US military cooperation with Israel. He is being held on a 50 million dollar bond. His family expressed sympathy for the victims and the MSM is already playing up this man’s bi-polar disorder. This undoubtedly will be used for an insanity defense.

This man committed an act of terror and he killed someone. He needs to get a fair trial but since there is no doubt he committed the crime he will most likely be found guilty of murder. I say most likely because Andrea Yates was found not guilty of murdering her five small children. We are talking Seattle and it is a liberal mecca so before it is over this guy might have Hollywood stars sipping Starbuck’s and telling us what a terrible life this killer had. So, don’t hold your breath on that conviction.

The DA needs to proceed with this case and not allow any plea bargain. Usually a bargain is made so a person facing the death penalty can get life instead. But a bargain would indicate that this guy has something to negotiate with. He needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and they need to try this as a death penalty case. This repugnant piece of filth needs to be put to death and it needs to be open to the public. We need to make an example out of this homegrown terrorist so others, regardless of religious or any other affiliation*, will know they can not get away with murder. I recommend they put him in the electric chair with a pig and fry them both. Then the people can have pork for the wake.

Folks, we live in different times and there are people in this country that we allow to walk the streets while they plot to kill us. Remain vigilant and report all suspicious acts to the proper authorities.

Sound Politics has an article up about this.

*This wording is used to include the small minority of other groups responsible for acts of terror.

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