National Security Got A Little More Difficult

The illegal leak of classified information regarding wire taps and electronic surveillance is taking a nasty turn in favor of the enemy. Lawyers representing the suspected terrorists are lining up to file motions to see if their clients were targets of the surveillance. Their hope is to portray the surveillance as illegal and therefore allow their clients to go free. I can not blame the lawyers because that is their job. I blame the person who leaked the information for planting a seed of doubt about a program, that up until now, has been used and deemed legal. That little shadow of doubt being cast by the left might be enough to allow terrorists to go free.

The surveillance is legal and has been for years and through many Presidential administrations. The doubt might cause a liberal judge to interpret it differently and allow a terrorist to go free. Just imagine how it will play out if a terrorist is allowed to go free because a judge decides that this program is no longer legal. Then this terrorist blows up a shopping mall or school. Won’t it be great to know that because the judge felt the terrorists civil liberties were violated that a lot of people were killed. I can’t tell you how proud the left would feel knowing that a lot of innocent people died to protect the un-violated civil liberties of a killer.

The democrats and their supporters are going to find out the hard way that this little political stunt of theirs is wrong. More than half the people in this country support the surveillance program and it IS LEGAL. Most thinking people have to come to the realization that the security of this country is not to be entrusted to the Democrats. They simply do not have the best interests of the United States at heart. They would rather play partisan games with our security than actually keep us safe.

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