National Park Service Will Finally Enforce Law

The FLEA Baggers (those affectionately called the Occupy Protesters by Democrats and their media wing) are causing ruin everywhere they go. In all the parks they occupy they bring in filth, rats, and disease (not including the STDs they are spreading). This is what happens when progressive types are left to set things up. They have some kind of organizational structure but there are very few rules in the do what you want environment so sanitation and hygiene become issues.

The FLEA Baggers have been given extraordinary access to public spaces. They have been given plenty of space and the laws have not been strictly enforced. If any other group of people had broken the laws and occupied spaces illegally they would have been removed but the laws were ignored by those charged with enforcing them.

Baltimore is a prime example. FLEA Baggers occupied an area in that city for quite some time stealing electricity and causing problems. The city finally sent the police to break up the crowd.

In DC, the FLEA Baggers have been occupying two parks in violation of the law. They are allowed to stay there but there are laws against erecting temporary structures and camping at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza. The National Park Service will finally enforce those laws and tell the FLEA Bag crowd they must remove their tents and they are not allowed to camp there.

Ironically, they are protesting along K Street which is lobbyist road. The FLEA Bag crowd has attracted rats to their encampments but there is no indication if the rats are the vermin that lobby in DC or the four legged rodents that carry disease. My guess is the rats are the furry kind.

This will not go over well. The FLEA Bag folks have been given a pass on the laws and now they believe they have a right to break the law. The police should have been there enforcing the laws right from the start and there would be no confusion. By allowing the FLEA Baggers to stay for so long the police have given them reason to believe that the laws do not apply to them and that they are entitled to be there.

How long are people allowed to violate the law before police respond? How many times can people drive drunk or rob a bank (with police knowledge) before they are arrested? It seems that if you are a FLEA Bagger you can go for quite sometime while the police ignore you.

This will likely get ugly and the police will be perceived as the bad guys by the progressives and their media allies. The police will be cheered by those of us who think it is about time they enforced the law.

Unfortunately, if this is not peaceful the police will share the blame because they brought this on themselves by allowing the group to get away with breaking the law.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “National Park Service Will Finally Enforce Law”

  1. Blake says:

    These are emotionally juvenile, irresponsible young adults who have been told the “Big Lie”- that they matter, that they are the best- they are Stuart Smalley, looking in the mirror, trying (and failing) to prop up their faux “righteousness”, all while trying to bang some chick with hairy legs and a granola bar.
    Pity them.