Nancy Pelosi Is Middle Class?

Newsweek has an interview with Nancy Pelosi and in it the interviewer asks a leading question (actually more of a statement) to soften the appearance of Pelosi as a rich woman from San Francisco:

(Q) You’re presented as a wealthy woman from San Francisco when you’re really this middle-class kid from Baltimore …

(A) Little Italy—downtown …

Notice that the interviewer did not say …you were a middle class kid from Baltimore. The inference is that San Fran Nan is just a run of the mill middle class American from Baltimore who now happens to live in California. Nothing could be further from the truth because San Fran is a rich woman living in San Francisco, regardless of the picture they try to paint.

She is the daughter of Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr who was a politician for a very long time. Several of his children are or were in politics. It appears he might have been middle class but it is hard to tell because his financials are not listed. However, San Fran’s financial disclosure statement is available and on it there are investments and income with lots of zeros before the decimal point. She and her hubby have over a million dollar mortgage, investment properties worth hundreds of thousands (and approaching millions) of dollars. Some of their financial holdings are very hefty and added together the numbers place her well above the middle class chick from Baltimore the interviewer tried to portray her as. She is a very rich woman living in San Francisco and she is out of touch with middle America.

If San Fran and this reporter consider her middle class then two things are certain. One, they needs to stop crying about the Bush tax cuts for the rich because San Fran is just middle class. Two, if they think this is middle class, they have no real idea what it is like to live on a very limited income.

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2 Responses to “Nancy Pelosi Is Middle Class?”

  1. georgina says:

    Pathetic. Did you see her on “60 minutes” last night? It was more like a commercial for Pelosi.

  2. Oh, her simple story tugs at the heartstrings, does it not?