Nancy Pelosi Gets Her Own Street Sign

A Street Named is Shame

As I reported earlier, Nancy Pelosi was honored by having a street named after her in Baltimore, the city she grew up in. The street sign was placed during a ceremony in a rainy downtown Baltimore. In order to not only honor the woman but to honor her beliefs and to reflect on the Democratic Party, the Nancy Pelosi Street sign had a few others attached to it. As you can see from the picture, taken in Downtown Baltimore, No expense was spared to honor the new Screecher of the House. This truly captures the essence of such an “average” woman.

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One Response to “Nancy Pelosi Gets Her Own Street Sign”

  1. Karridine says:

    AwwwRIGHT, Dewd!

    “These ARE the times that try mens’ souls…”, times when I find myself consciously re-affirming my faith in the American Constitution and the wisdom embedded there, because there certainly doesn’t seem to be much wisdom in the Democrats of America or their leftist, socialist, Islamo-fascist friends!