NAACP Wants Crooked Elections

The NAACP is actively engaged in having the voter rights act of 1965 reauthorized. I do not know that this is necessary since voters are protected by law, regardless of color. The NAACP just wants to ensure that this perceived bias in elections is used as a tool to allow them to sponge more money out of people. This organization claims to be for civil rights for all but they only espouse projects (as indicated in their 2002-2006 plan) that advances African Americans and other minorities. They certainly do not have a problem with violating the civil rights of anyone who wants to fly a Southern Flag. Here is one of the things they say is a reason for reauthorizing the act:

The NAACP asserts that present day attempts to limit the franchise of minority voters, such as the barrier imposed by requiring photo ID to vote in Georgia and the lack of voting accommodations for thousands of African-American voters who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina, indisputably mark the need for the expiring provisions of the VRA. NAACP

The requirement for an ID in Georgia is viewed as a barrier to minority voters. How can this be? Are minorities not allowed to have a photo ID? Are they too poor to get an ID? I would bet that no one complains about needing an ID to cash a government check. The idea that this is viewed as a barrier rather than a protection speaks volumes for the NAACP and its vision. They do not see ID as a protection to ensure the process is fair, they see it as an intrusion. As far as I know, everyone in Georgia will be required to show ID so there is no “disenfranchisement” (a word most people did not know until 2000). The NAACP and the Democratic party are not in favor of voter ID because dead people can not show an ID card. People who show an ID can not vote more than once and if people have to show an ID a person can not vote as ten different people, ten different times.

Does the NAACP expect us to believe that only African Americans were displaced by Katrina? How about all the white people who left? How can reauthorizing the Act help people who were affected by the hurricane? As far as i know, they are ALL eligible to send in an absentee ballot.

The NAACP is a racist organization that is non-partisan. They espouse everything Democratic and liberal and are always against conservatives despite the fact that conservatives give their people an opportunity to live of their own accord without organizations like the NAACP telling them how badly they have it. I actually bet that if Julian Bond* and others did not make so much money in this sham, they would be out of this business and finding another way to stir up trouble.

*I could not find his compensation but Kweisi Mfume, the prior President and CEO received $269,588 as compensation in 2003. Not a bad chunk of change for stirring up racial hatred.

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4 Responses to “NAACP Wants Crooked Elections”

  1. patd95 says:

    You want to see some real ole fashined fraud…come to my home city of Nawlins…you’ll see all kinds of tricks on both sides of the aisle. It’s without a doubt America’s real banana republic of politics.

  2. j-dawg says:

    Wow…I’ve read a lot of blogs in my day but this may be the most ignorant. Way to go Big Dog for digging a big enough hole to stuff your head in so you won’t ever have to confront the pesky “facts” that confound your take on American history.

  3. Big Dog says:

    I know history and am not refuting it. The reason it is called history is because it happened in the past. Tell me how requiring an ID disenfranchises a black person. Tell me how the rhetoric that Julian Bond engages in is not partisan.

    Tell me how certain provisions of the CVoting Rights Act are not already covered by the Constitution.

    People have a right to vote, just once. The fact is that reform will require that people show some ID to vote. This does not hurt anyone since places that require it offer IDs for free. The judges who monitor elections have to show an ID to get the training required and we all need to show an ID to get on a plane. Are you telling me that this requirement now keeps blacks from flying?

    The fact is the NAACP is an outdated organization that keeps trying to expand the racial divide, not lessen it.