NAACP Defends Vick-tim

The NAACP is an organization whose time has come and long gone. They might have had grand ideals and might have been necessary when they were formed but they have morphed into a racist organization that is hell bent on advancing black issues by employing the same racist and discriminatory practices they are supposed to combat and that supposedly are in great abundance within the white community. The NAACP is very quick to condemn any white person accused of a crime (especially if it is against a black) but they go out of their way to defend black people who are accused of a crime. Such is the case with Michael Vick.

I do not know if Michael Vick did the horrible things of which he has been accused. I believe that he deserves his day in court and that we should not be too hasty in convicting him in the court of public opinion before he has that said day in court. However, I don’t think it is racist or out of the norm for his employer (in this case the NFL) to tell him he is not allowed to practice or play until this is resolved. They are his employer and they are free to establish standards for their employees including getting involved in acts that bring discredit upon them. Likewise, the companies who are paying Vick mega millions are free to suspend the contracts until the issue is resolved. This is not racist and it is not unfair and contrary to what the NAACP is saying, the actions are not premature. Vick was not denied his right to due process under the law. Due process, by the way, is what people are entitled to with regard to the legal system. The people who have suspended Vick have not violated his due process rights because he has none with regard to his employment. He does not even have to be found guilty to be punished by his boss. He brought discredit on the NFL and his team and they can punish him for that alone. Regardless of how they decide to handle it in the future, he is not being treated unfairly.

It is interesting that the NAACP is out in full force begging people not to pass judgment until Vick has had his trial. Where are all these people when a white cop shoots a black kid in a high crime neighborhood? They are usually calling for the cop to be strung up and organizing marches to demonstrate against white oppression and they do all this long before there is any kind of investigation. In their minds the cop is guilty of murder and being a racist and they feel no need to wait for a trial. Additionally, when the investigation is complete and the cop is not found to have done anything wrong these very same people protest about the cover up of the racist police force. The cop involved in the shooting is usually placed on administrative duty or put on paid leave until the investigation is complete (just like Vick who is drawing a salary) and yet the NAACP does not protest that the cop is innocent until proven guilty.

In Baltimore a Fire Station became the target of the NAACP after a stuffed deer head had a mop placed on it (which some say looked like an afro) and a gold tooth placed in its mouth. The NAACP discussed racism and talked about how the whites in the fire department were all racists and that it was horrible that blacks had to put up with this. The head of the Baltimore branch of the NAACP, Doc Cheatham, raised hell about this issue and it was all over talk radio (I listened to it for days). The fire department said they would investigate but that did not stop the calls for the deer head to be removed and for racism to end in Baltimore’s Fire Department. All of the whites in the station were portrayed as racists despite the fact that no investigation had yet been done to find out what happened. Talk radio was flooded with calls from the station in question and the listeners heard the horrible truth, a black guy did it. That is right, a black guy decorated the deer head. To the NAACP that made no difference and Doc never apologized like a real man would.

So we get to Michael Vick and all of the sudden we are supposed to allow him to keep getting money from the products he endorses and he is supposed to continue playing football until he has a trial. This is a convenient double standard and one that shines a bright spotlight on the fact that the NAACP is an organization that needs to pack it in. They raise holy hell about a deer head but dismiss the brutality that Vick is alleged to have committed. Sure, some of them said if he did it he should get what he deserves.

I just wish the NAACP had that same attitude when a white cop shoots a black kid in a high crime neighborhood.


**For the record, I think Vick should get his day in court. If he is found guilty they should rub liver all over him and throw him in the pen with starving pit bulls. They should do the same to any person from the NAACP who complains about the verdict or cites racism as the reason for it.

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “NAACP Defends Vick-tim”

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  2. Sheila says:

    Well of COURSE the NAACP is standing behind Michael Vick! He’s black!! They stood behind OJ Simpson for the same reason.
    Last Sunday morning I was listening to some talk show on the radio where a black football player explained this phenomenon: “You just got to undahstan, know whut Ah’m sayin”? Black people got to stick t’gethah wif black people no mattah whut they done.”
    Number one, this is misplaced loyalty.
    Number two, don’t they teach English in public schools anymore?