NAACP Decries Voter ID As Racist

The debate is raging about voter ID laws. The left continues to claim that they are racist and the intention is to disenfranchise Democrat voters because too many of the Democrat voters don’t have IDs. They ignore the reality that many of these folks need an ID to get government services and that most states requiring IDs will provide them for FREE to those who cannot afford one.

No, this is not good enough for Democrats who conjure up memories of Jim Crow (a Democrat initiative) and scream bloody murder about the poor folks who won’t be able to vote.

Those evil Republicans want to keep people who vote Democrat from voting.

Let’s stop a minute. Are Democrats the only constituency that has people without IDs? Is it commonplace in 2011 (hours from 2012) for that many people to not have an ID? How many people without IDs don’t bother to vote anyway?

The racist folks in Georgia enacted voter ID laws and Democrats saw an INCREASE in the number of people who voted, more so than any other state. Hmm, seems the voter ID requirements did not keep people from voting despite claims by the NAACP that ID laws are designed to suppress the vote.

Still, there are folks on the left who want to scream racism and deny that voter fraud exists. These are the same folks who screamed that voter fraud allowed George Bush to win in Florida in 2000 and in Ohio in 2004. Michael Moore discussed the alleged voter fraud and worked to get people at all the polls in 2004 with video cameras to catch the voter fraud. But, but, but, it does not exist.

I guess there is only voter fraud when a Republican wins. One only needs to look at the elections in Washington State and Minnesota to see how Democrats “find” ballots when their guy loses the first count.

Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP is out stumping for Obama and the Democrats and toeing the party line with the charge of racism. Why, there is little evidence of mass voter fraud. This while the head of the NAACP in Mississippi was sentenced to jail for … wait for it… voter fraud. Ben needs to look within before making stupid statements.

Or was it stupid. He did claim massive voter fraud. Does it matter how massive it is if it turns an election? If only ONE person voted illegally and that allowed a Republican to win would Ben say it was OK?

There are documented cases of voter fraud where people were convicted. Is this list massive? No, but how many more fraudulent votes were cast that no one knows about? How many people voted more than once because they did not have to show an ID? If you know your neighbor is out of town or has died it would be pretty easy to walk into a busy polling place and say you were that person. It has been done and it has been documented. It is not on the scale of massive because we have not caught them all. Too often, these crimes go unnoticed and it is virtually impossible to prove it after the fact. Besides, one court has ruled that the fraud is null and void once someone takes office. Why pursue the illegal votes when it does not matter?

Requiring an ID will take away the votes of dead people and of those who have been voted for by another person. Requiring an ID will take away the possibility of it happening so it will drop the number of fraudulent votes and it will ensure the process is cleaner. Only the person who has the proper ID will cast a vote in that name.

It is pretty simple.

But not simple enough for the race baiters who scream that it hurts people. Maybe more people voted in Georgia because they finally felt their vote would count and that the system had some integrity.

Not good enough for some who think throwing more money at the problem will fix it. This is typical liberal pablum. We have thrown trillions of dollars at poverty and there are as many people (or more) in poverty as when the war on poverty started. The percentage of people in poverty has been about the same since the war on it started and has risen over the last few years. money did not solve that problem.

We throw a lot of money at education. The scores for our children continue to lag behind other nations that spend far less than we do on education. Most of the money does not hit the classroom because it lines the pockets of unions thugs. It goes to teacher’s pensions and to benefits and the children are left behind. Throwing money at this problem has not fixed it.

We have a war on drugs and have spent billions on it. We still have a drug problem in this country and the money has not stopped it.

The money spent on programs never goes to where it is supposed to. We create more bureaucracies and pay more and more people to provide worse and worse results.

Throwing more money at the election process will not fix the problem. People will still be able to vote fraudulently. The motor voter law allows anyone to register to vote when getting a license. Given the number of illegal aliens with a license one can only imagine how many are registered to vote.

The solution is to require IDs and to prosecute any illegal act that escapes the ID requirement. Are there illegal acts that IDs will not prevent? Sure, there are plenty but those are another part of the problem and we need to address them as well.

Polling places should have cameras in place to ensure the poll workers are not tampering with machines. There should be a team of people who verify the machines have no votes cast and each machine is at zero prior to opening the doors. Chicago is well known for its fraud. One of the things they do is vote for all the dead people in town an hour or so before the polls officially open. A former Chicago poll worker told me this in an airport one day. He revealed several things that were done to ensure the “right guy” won.

We can keep this from happening by ensuring the integrity of the system is intact when the polls open. We can also be sure that New Black Panther thugs are not standing out front with sticks intimidating voters.

Pursue these problems even after the election and put the offenders in jail for a long period of time. Then, take away their ability to ever vote again and put them on a registry of convicted voter fraud felons (like the sex offender registry).

Democrats decry voter IDs because they claim those kinds of laws keep Democrats from voting. What they really mean is that they prevent Democrats from voting illegally. They are not worried that people might not vote, they are worried they might lose because the illegal vote was stopped.

Don’t fall for the hype and the hysteria. Require voter IDs.

As a final thought I read where one person (not sure who it was or who they were with) who said that there were no IDs when the Constitution was written and that they can’t be required now. Let’s ignore the reality that we could then not require ID for anything and look at the issue on its face. When the Constitution was written blacks, women and a number of other people could not vote.

Not sure we want to go back there so best not to argue what it was like back then.

There are a number of problems in our voting system that allow fraud. Requiring voter ID will fix one part of the problem. We need to have total reform in order to stop fraud.

If one thinks it is asking to much or putting a hurdle in the way of people to get and use an ID to vote perhaps they should spend some time in the boots of the men and women who die protecting the vote. They don’t think it is too much to ask them to do what they do so it should not be asking too much to ask people to get an ID to vote.

Even if the NAACP thinks otherwise.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “NAACP Decries Voter ID As Racist”

  1. Blake says:

    I was selling some ammo the other day, and this guy wanted some- so I asked him for an ID, as you need one to buy ammunition- well, he didn’t have any on him, and begged me to sell him some anyway- the argument became so heated that a manager came over, and asked what the problem was. When I explained it (over the sound of whining by this young man), the manager agreed.
    Well, then the young man’s father came over, and began arguing as to why his son could not buy ammo, so I had to explain to the father why.
    Then I said that if the father had ID, we could sell it to him, thus resolving the situation.
    But, as it turned out, he had left his ID at home- and that’s what I don’t get- you need ID for virtually everything in life these days, and most states will give you ID for free, so why no ID?
    Could someone explain that to me?