My Plan for Iraq

I know that I am not the secretary of defense and I do not have a say in the way the war is being run. The President and his staff are handcuffed by a number of things and I am quite happy with their decisions in this war. I feel we should have more troops in Iraq but I am not a commander on the ground so I will go with what they say they need.
I am laying out my plan for dealing with the malcontents and terrorist offspring that are causing us trouble by beheading innocent people. I do so without regard to the political backlash that would be suffered by anyone bold enough to carry this plan out.
First, we need to stop these cowards, and that is what they are, from beheading people. This is something that we can not tolerate because inaction encourages them to act this way more often and more brazenly. I say that we go in to Fallujah and bomb the daylights out of it. I don’t mean some pussy-foot bombing where we avoid collateral damage, I mean we start with the sacred Mosque and work our way out. We need to level the place and knock it back a few centuries. This might seem horrible to people who value religion. I feel your pain, I am a Christian and think it is terrible to destroy the Mosque but these people are using it for safe haven. They are then beheading non-combatants. I say we stop playing games and level it. We then tell the country that each time a person is beheaded we will pick another hotspot and do the same. We offer a reward for the capture of the hooded wussies who are doing this and then we keep our word. Another beheading and Sadr City is a parking lot. We should continue in this fashion until:

1. They stop
2. They have been captured or killed
3. The Iraqi people fight against the bad guys
4. The country is leveled from one end to the other

In any case they will eventually stop.
The enemy is using our concern for the law of war against us. They know we will go out of our way to keep from hitting a religious building because we are a caring people. They know that we generally follow the rules of war and they know that no matter what they do we will not be indecent. We have had some backlash because of the prisoner abuse scandal, the release of photos from which I believe to be the cause of the beheadings. You can thank the liberals and their desire to score points in an election year for the deaths. We could have investigated this and punished people without all the pictures circulating so our enemies could become enraged! We are bringing justice to those who committed the crimes at the prison and now we need to bring justice to the cowardly punks who are terrorizing our people. We need to wake up and realize that these people have no regard for human life. They train their children to strap on bombs and blow themselves up. They kill indiscriminately and do not care who dies. We need to bring the true meaning of shock and awe by obliterating the towns where these cowards are known to hide. We need to be so brutal and unyielding so that we end this madness now.
We can start by leveling Fallujah, then Sadr City, then Najaf and if the beheadings have not stopped we can add a lot more to the list and keep on bombing.
My heart goes out to the families affected by these brutal acts. I keep them in my prayers. If I were in charge, these acts would be avenged as described above.

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