My Letter To SeeBS

I wrote an email to SeeBS from their web site response. I figured I would send them something to let them know how I feel about their methods of reporting. I also told them I was going to post it on my blog and send it to as many people as I could. So if you read this, please click on the email icon and forward this to as many of your friends as you can. Thanks!

I am very disturbed by the obvious bias shown by your organization. You folks jumped all over those fake memos that appeared to discredit Bush and your sister show was preparing to air a report on missing explosives that were gone prior to our arrival yet blame the disappearance on the President. It was even worse that when this was debunked you continued to report it as fact. The fact that you so vehemently defended your use of the Rathergate documents and that you were willing to air a lie close to the election shows that you are partisan and not really any longer a respected news source. You have become the transcription service for the democratic party. I guess anyone can make a mistake, as Dan Rather claimed, but if Mr. Rather really had any journalistic integrity he would be pursuing the newly discovered Kerry-Communist Vietnam documents that came from US archives and have been authenticated (I know Dan does not know what that is).You have created an uneven playing field to push your agenda. This is not what I have come to expect from the people who are suppose to report the facts and let the public decide.

I have decided that I will no longer watch the main stream news and I will not watch CBS at all. It is a shame because the CSI programs were some of my favorites.

I have many friends who are taking the same actions and I think in the near future you will see this effect through your ratings.

One day, and you had better hope it is soon, you will get rid of the democratic surrogates you call reporters and start doing the things that made you a once proud and respected network.

I will be posting a copy of this on my blog at and sending it to the rest of the “pajama jihadists” out there.

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