My Idea for Voter Reform

This election is gearing up to be more ugly than the last. There are allegations of voter fraud from both sides of the isle. Voter fraud in this country is not new. Now we have thousands of voter registration cards being filled out by one person. Fraudulent cards are being turned in with fictitious names on them. There are people registered to vote in more than one state. They vote absentee in one and in person in the other.

We have come to a point in our history where we need reform. I have some ideas to keep people from defrauding the system. These will not be popular among the ACLU crowd and especially among the democrats who seem to have a leg up on voter fraud. None the less, they will allow all people legally eligible to vote once and only once.

Most voter registration is tied to a driver’s license. I say that when a person gets a driver’s license and indicates he would like to vote then the Motor Vehicle Administration should take an additional picture at the time of licensing. The second one would be sent with the voter registration. When the person is verified as legally eligible, he will get a voter card with his picture on it. Before everyone cries about people who do not have a driver’s license, fear not. They can go register and get a picture taken all the same. They will just not get the license part of it.

Everyone who wants to vote must have a social security number or some other national ID number. This number will be fed in to a national data base. When a person registers in more than one state the computer will either flag the record or remove all but the most recent state. This will keep people from voting in two states. I think the social security number makes the most sense. The national data base can be tied to the SSA computer so when a person dies his SSN will be flagged as deceased. When someone tries to register with that number it will not be allowed. This will keep dead people from voting and it will help prosecute violators.

A person must prove citizenship before registering to vote. We need to do this to get a passport. It is also required for many other things in our society. This will prevent non-residents from voting.

ALL people who arrive to vote must show their voter registration card (the one with the picture). No card, no vote. It is that simple. I don’t want to hear how this is discriminating. If I get stopped by the police and do not have my driver’s license, I get a ticket for not having it on me. It does not matter that I actually have one, I still get the ticket. So no card, no vote. The polls are open long enough to allow people to go home and get the card if they forgot it.

I have seen the digital fingerprint technology that is in use. I would not be opposed to having them get a digital fingerprint when we register. Then you have to put your finger on a reader at the polling place. If it is you, you can vote. If not go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Last, we need stiff penalties for deliberate fraud. I are not talking about a mistake on a form. I am talking about blatant, deliberate fraud. Jail time and stiff fines are in order. This guy who made up all those voter registrations for some crack should get a year in jail. The person who paid him crack should get 5. Stiff penalties will keep people from cheating to win. This, in fact, will help to prevent disenfranchising those who do things honestly.

We have modern technology. It is time to use it and it is time to stop pandering to all these civil liberty groups who do not really care about anyone’s civil liberties. My ideas are fair and they are comprehensive. They will allow all legally eligible citizens to vote. But they can only do it once each election.

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