Must Listen to the Minority Voice

Where is the ACLU? Why are they not protecting the right of one family that wants a book banned? For years there has been a battle in this country about references to God. A very small minority (in some cases one person) has been fighting to remove God from our money and our pledge. There is an ongoing battle to remove a Cross from a veteran’s memorial because one guy does not like it. In these instances, the ACLU is firmly behind those who would take away American heritage.

In Wisconsin, a family has asked that Maya Angelou’s autobiography be removed from the high school curriculum. They do not like the description of her rape and subsequent (unwanted) pregnancy that is described in the book. Where are all the “civil” groups on this one? Why is the ACLU not in there fighting to have this book removed from the school? It does not matter if the book has been used for the last decade, it offends someone. The amount of time God has been on money or in the pledge or the amount of time Crosses and the Ten Commandments have been displayed has never stopped them from stepping in to deny people their rights.

Perhaps it is because Maya Angelou is a liberal who spoke at Clinton’s inauguration. Perhaps it is because she is a black woman and they do not want to deny her. Whatever the reason, this is just another example of how the ACLU and other organizations are selective in applying civil rights.

I personally think they should leave the book in school. I think the Bible, Koran, and any work of history should be available in a school library. I do not think books should be banned because they contain the word “nigger” and I do not think books should be banned because they refer to God or have religious themes. The only books that do not belong in school libraries are ones that contain pornography. Teachers should select books for assignment that are based on general items that deal with specific topics but the other books should be available for any student who wants to read them. How I feel is not the issue though.

If this family feels the book is offensive they deserve the same consideration that someone who complains about a Cross would get.

Fond du Lac Reporter

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