Muslims Teach Hatred to Maryland Students

Frontpage has an article entitled Maryland’s Madrassah that discusses a book on the shelves of public school libraries. The book is entitled The Meaning of the Holy Qur’an and it is written by Yusuf Abdullah Ali. The book is not a reference but is described more as an interpretive work. Those interpretations cast Jews and Christians in a bad light and promotes hatred toward those religions.

For instance, there are many anti-Jewish and some anti-Christian references in the explanations of Suras. One such explanation states: “Israel’s story is then told according to their own records and traditions–what privileges they received and how they abused them (2:40-86), thus illustrating again as by a parable the general story of man.” The use of false and degrading examples of Jewish behavior to portray the general story of humanity is a theme repeated throughout the work. The very next sentence states: “In particular, reference is made to Moses and Jesus and their struggles with an unruly people: how people of the book played false their own lights and in their pride rejected Muhammad, who came in the true line of prophets.” It then states: “They falsely laid claim to the virtues of Father Abraham….”

The article has many other examples of how this book is poisoning the minds of children at school. I wonder how this book is allowed to be in the school. If it were truly a reference that described the passages of the Qur’an and told what it meant, i would have no problem just as I would have no problems with books doing the same with regard to other religions.

This book however, is nothing more than propaganda designed to teach hatred toward Jews and Christians and to instill acceptance of the religion of Islam as the only religion to follow. Imagine how many groups would react, groups like the ACLU and CAIR, if public schools had books about understanding Judaism or Christianity and the book contained negative depictions of Islam. Hell, the Muzzies get upset when a cartoon Mohammad is drawn, can you imagine how they would act, as peaceful as they are, if there were a book calling their religion of killers, a religion of killers? Muzzies all over the world would be rioting and CAIR would be telling everyone about profiling and insensitivity.

I do not believe the author’s claim about the Separation Clause of the Constitution because there is no mandate in that document to keep books of religion from public schools. There might be a school rule that allows the institution to remove it based upon the hated depicted in it but on the basis of religion it is a weak argument. Besides, the library is not a place where they make laws establishing religion or where people (except Imams) would practice it. The library is a place of reference and there should be Bibles, Torahs, Qur’ans and books from many other religions there so people can use them for reference.

Montgomery County Maryland is a bastion of liberalism. It only stands to reason that a book like this would be allowed while similar books against Islam would never make it through the door. The Muzzies have a plan and our sheeple are falling into it. The Muzzies, in order to take over our country, will get people elected to office, gain the sympathies of the American media, and they will start indoctrinating our children so they grow up hating Jews and Christians and viewing Islam as the way.

We need to put an end to this now. As an aside, where is the ACLU and where is CAIR? You know they would be the first to open their mouths if there were anti-Islam books in public schools. But then again, these two organizations are determined to destroy America.

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