Muslims Say Apology Would Have Helped

There is still a lot of unrest over the pictures of the prophet Mohammad. Muslims all over the place are rioting, injuring people, and setting buildings on fire. If they want an apology, I can give them one. I am sorry that you got upset over some pictures of your pedophile prophet. I hope that helps.

The Muslims say that images of Mohammad are forbidden because they might lead to idolatry. I would say they already worship a man more like the one wearing the bomb turban than the one they want you to believe is holy. They blow themselves up (with bomb vests instead of turbans) and they want us to believe that they are a peaceful people. Take a look at what is going on in their part of the world and you can see just how peaceful they are.

Are these the kind of fanatics that should have WMD? Keep this in mind as the debate over Iran heats up.

Source: My Way News

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2 Responses to “Muslims Say Apology Would Have Helped”

  1. Nicely worded, Big Dog!

    Let me add: why should the Muslim prohibition against depicting Muhammad apply to non-Muslims? Do they intend to be fair about this, and let Christian doctrine apply to them? (Or, Heaven forfend, Jewish doctrine??)

    This has nothing to do with Muslim restrictions, because non-Muslims can’t be expected to know such things. This has to do with people getting offended by cartoons… and, instead of saying, “That was unnecessary, people, could you please kindly knock it off?”, they’ve taken to the streets and threatened jihad.

    As The Egyptian Sandmonkey comments, how unbelievably silly is it to launch a war… over a cartoon? (What’s next? Threatening jihad because an ambassador refused to change his name to Ahmed?)

    Daniel in Brookline

  2. The End of Reason…

    As with many things, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. In this case, it’s in the Koran. What should also be understood is the fact that these are the people we are attempting to deal with worldwide. In Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, …