Muslims Do Not Tolerate Christians

It looks like all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into freeing Afghanistan have no bearing on how the Afghanis act toward Christianity. An Afghan man, Abdur Rahman, is on trial for converting from Islam to Christianity and could face the death penalty despite the fact that the Afghan Constitution calls for religious tolerance. It looks like the Muslims believe that tolerance only goes one way.

You see, after 9/11 Americans were constantly reminded that Islam was a peaceful religion and only a small number of bad people had attacked us. We were constantly reminded that Islam is a religion of tolerance and we should respect the Muslim’s rights to practice their religion and not cause them trouble because of a few bad apples. We have seen American Christians convert to the religion of Islam and the ones who did not go into terrorist training were left alone to practice their new religion. CAIR is always getting its shorts in a wad when some issue arises that they perceive as being intolerance toward the religion of Islam.

That does not work the other way. If a Muslim converts to Christianity he has committed a crime and there is no tolerance. This person must be put to death because he defiled Islam. How dare some person change from Islam to Christianity? I guess that Christians are good enough to fight for the Afghanis, die for the Afghanis, and free the Afghanis but Christianity can not be tolerated by the Afghanis. This is the problem with the mindless twaddle that people tell us about tolerance. Damn it, if they want us to demonstrate tolerance then they need to do the same.

The Afghanis are trying to find a way out of this by claiming that the man is not mentally sane so the charges must be dropped. In other words, no one in his right mind would convert to Christianity. He must be mental if he did that.

Big Dog’s Diplomatic Solution: Tell Afghanistan that they must immediately drop all charges against Abdur Rahman and give him a clean and clear record. He is not to be harassed or bothered in any way and is free to practice any religion he chooses. Any one else who converts to or from Islam will be left completely alone. If they do not immediately agree to this our troops, our equipment, and our money will be out of Afghanistan by this weekend. We will not provide any aid whatsoever to Afghanistan and we will not allow anyone from Afghanistan to come to this country and Afghanis who is here and not a citizen will be immediately sent home. CAIR will be told to immediately condemn the acts of the Afghan government and show support for Abdur Rahman or no issue of Muslim concern that they raise in the future will be considered and they will have 30 days to disband their organization or leave the US. If by some chance the courts intervene on behalf of CAIR and they win, the IRS will audit their books and they will lose any financial benefits they get because of the nature of their organization and the court order will only last until legislation is drafted forbidding organizations that would not condemn the actions against anyone named Abdur Rahman from existing in the US (a precedent set in the Dubai Port Deal fiasco).

Big Dog Salute to Stop the ACLU

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2 Responses to “Muslims Do Not Tolerate Christians”

  1. Religion of Peace update: “little pieces” edition…

    Sounds like a Muslim version of Hotel California: you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave….

  2. Abdul Rahman must be freed!…

    Still more on Abdul Rahman, on trial in Afghanistan for converting to Christianity. The Political Pitt Bull (via Michelle Malkin) has a video of Dubya finally giving a speech but unfortunately delivering it very weakly. Denmark is showing much better…..