Muslims Decry Nazi State in Britain

A Muslim leader in Britain has warned that the country is moving toward a police state comparable to Nazi Germany after nine Muslims were rounded up for plotting to kidnap and kill a British Muslim soldier. The leader asked that Muslims exercise restraint and allow dialogue to bring people together.

I am amazed that the Muslims are not out rioting threatening to cut off heads. Any group of people who react violently to cartoons would certainly riot to protest the arrest of KILLERS. What this Muslim jackass needs to explain is why he did not condemn the actions of the criminals. Why is it he is crying because people were arrested for plotting to commit a murder? This is typical for the Muslim world. They decry the rules of society and ignore the antisocial behavior of the Zealots who follow their religion.

Also, how bad can it be to live under a Nazi state? The Muslims already deny the Holocaust and act like rule under Hitler was wonderful. Perhaps if they showed as much attention to the actual atrocities committed instead of those perceived by their deluded leaders they might be taken seriously. Instead, they continue to defend twisted ideals and murderous thugs.

The police arrested criminals suspected of plotting to kill a soldier. That should be the end of that. You can bet if the police failed to arrest a group of people (non Muslim) threatening to kill a Muslim cleric they would be demanding answers. Muslims will never be taken seriously as players on the world stage so long as they espouse thousand year old stupidity.

Send them all back to the Middle East and make them stay there.


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