Muslims Claim Fear Keeps them from Joining Military

The military is short on people who speak Arabic and they look to “American Muslims” to fill those needs. Muslims however, claim that they are afraid because of a bias that exists in America (and by extension the military) against them. This leads on to believe that it is the racist, profiling Americans who are the reason behind Muzzies not wanting to be in the service. Seems to me that our fighting forces are side by side with Muslim soldiers in Iraq and we treat them fine. We work with them, train them, and fight on their side in the battle against the enemy. However, this does not keep one of the idiots from CAIR from chiming in:

“The military have the same problem as civilian government agencies, such as the FBI,” said Ibrahim Hooper of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an advocacy group. “There is a general reluctance to join because Muslims think there is bias against them and career prospects are limited.” al-Reuters

How about we see who the Muzzies should really be afraid of and other reasons they might not want to join the military. First of all, there was a plot broken up by the British a week or so ago that involved a bunch of terrorists who were going to kidnap a British Muslim soldier and behead him while they filmed it. They were going to do this because the soldier fought against Muslims in Afghanistan. There have been other statements by Muslims about other Muslims who they said needed to die (or died because) they fought against their own. Perhaps these Muslims in America do not want to be kidnapped and beheaded by some terrorist who has a twisted idea about betrayal. I believe that these people do not join because they do not want to fight other Muslims (I can’t fault them for that) but they are also afraid that they will become targets from the followers of the child molester prophet named Mohammad.

Another possible reason is that these Muzzies can not be trained by our military. They keep wanting to strap bombs on and blow themselves up. Maybe they can not fight effectively in an organized unit and instead need to be rioting in the streets while over reacting to some mundane issue. Maybe, and this is not that far out there, they are involved in the war. They are the recon soldiers for the Muslim invasion and their jobs will be to soften us up for the imposition of Sharia Law. They can not go to Iraq to fight because they are needed here to wage war against us in our own back yards.

Whatever the reason, CAIR and the rest of the so called Muslims civil liberties groups can do us all a great favor by shutting the hell up. We are tired of hearing the terrorist front group spout off about how unjust we are here in America. If they do not like it they can go the hell home where they have so many “civil liberties.” I always wonder, if we are so bad why the hell did they come here? It would not hurt my feelings if they all just went home to their cat box of a country.

This is America. Learn to live like an American or get out. Remember CAIR, Open Season. Just keep that in mind.

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2 Responses to “Muslims Claim Fear Keeps them from Joining Military”

  1. Virginia says:

    I am for sending them back.

  2. Marlene says:

    This is one of the most racist and hateful comments I’ve ever read which in itself is indicative of the way Muslims are thought of in this country. They have become the new Jews, and if you don’t know what that means, then read some history!

    While I myself am not Muslim, your comments and disrespect are truly revolting. This is is why the world is in the shape it’s in.

    Ignorance reigns supreme on this weblog which I just happen to come across accidentally, and certainly have no intentions of visiting again.