Muslims are on the Warpath over Movie

Child Molester Mohammad

Geert Wilders of the Netherlands produced a movie that basically showed the religion of Islam for the violent cult that it is. His movie, a 15 minute or so short, showed the written word of the Koran and then had clips of Muslims whose words and deeds upheld the words of that violent book. Wilders showed that Islam is a violent religion through word and deed and now he has round the clock protection because Muslims have threatened to kill him. Seems to me that they are making the point of his movie for him. You can see the movie at Stop the ACLU.

LiveLeak, which had originally hosted the movie, has had to pull it from the servers because of threats made to its workers by Muslims who are upset with the content of the movie. One cannot blame LiveLeak for acting in the best interests of its workers but one has to see the irony in Muslims using threats of violence to pull a movie that shows Muslims are violent and that their “Holy Book” teaches that violence. The United Nations U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the movie as anti-Islamic and offensive and said their is no reason for this incitement to violence. The question is, if the movie is wrong why would there be an incitement to violence? It is simple, Muslims are stone aged barbarians who use violence to achieve their goals. If they are “offended” then they will riot in the streets and kill people in order to show how peaceful they are.

Part of the problem here is that Muslims take great offense at any knock on their religion while they routinely castigate the great and true religions of the world. It is not unusual for Muslims to talk about killing all the Jews and to slander that great and chosen religion. It is not unusual for Muslims to destroy Christian churches in Muslim countries and for them to refuse to allow churches to be built. However, they have no problem with building Mosques in Western countries and they cry, sue, and riot at any hint of objection to their plans.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has passed a resolution which talks of protecting all religions but the only religion that is named is Islam. The Human Rights Council is comprised mostly of members from Arab nations which is ironic in and of itself because they have some of the worst human rights violations in the world. The UN will allow this kind of manipulation of the system in order for Muslims to have greater leverage and in order for them to squash any opposition to their brutal religious practices. The resolution gives Muslims free reign to carry out any of their criminal activities by allowing them to challenge any opposition as a violation of UN Resolution. Everything will be seen as defamation to them when Islam is concerned but you can be certain that the Muslims will not stop defaming Israel and the Jews.

Muslims threaten death to those who refuse to buy into their claims of peace while they kill and maim everything in sight. Always on Watch has a post about Kevin of the Amboy Times blog. He has been threatened because he keeps a running list of things that offend Muslims. With as many things that offend Muslims I wonder where he gets all the bandwidth? Muslims have no problem threatening people, rioting, and killing and they have no problem talking badly about any person or country that is not Islamic but let someone talk badly about their perverted religion or their child molesting prophet and they come unhinged. I say screw them. If they want violence then let’s give it to them and let’s show them what it really is. It is time to fight back against these half baked cretins and show them that we would like to live in peace but that we will not be pushed around. No one is safe from these animals, including American Citizens.

Big Dog

UPDATE: This via Breitbart; “The film equates Islam with violence. We reject that interpretation,” Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said in a solemn statement a few hours after the film appeared on the LiveLeak video sharing website.

He rejects the idea that Islam is violent while calling for Muslims to exercise restraint and to not commit violent acts. The article is laced with threats from members of the cult of Islam. If Wilders was wrong there would be no fear of violence.

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3 Responses to “Muslims are on the Warpath over Movie”

  1. Mustang says:

    Muslims on war path . . . this isn’t news. They’ve been crabby for the past 1,500 years; which is a long time for PMSing.

    Well, here’s a fresh thought: Screw’em.

    Mustang’s last blog post..Haditha Legacy

  2. Patsy says:

    LOL! No thank you. I’d rather not screw ’em, but you go right ahead if that’s the way the wind blows for you, Mustang. Hehehehehe…

  3. hdrk05 says:

    Give them what they deserve… death and then nothing will offend them any more.