Muslims Anti-American In America

There will be a Muslim film festival in San Francisco and surprise, there will be an anti-American film shown. This is a Turkish film about an incident that happened where Turks, who are supposed to be on our side, were taken captive and had hood placed on their heads. Accidents happen and in the Arab world you can never tell who is your friend anyway. The unfortunate part of this is the film will contain a lot of things that are not true. If they made a factual film about what happened that would be one thing but they are inventing a lot of other things just to whip up anti-American sentiment.

You see, in America, those who are here legally get to make films like this. Look at that jackass Michael Moore. He is great at fictional films. The problem is, like Moore’s films, the Turkish film will mix truth with lies in an attempt to portray it all as true. I really don’t care that these folks made and are showing an anti-American film but why are they doing it here? Why bite the hand that feeds you? We let them come here and live in a country that has things they have never experienced like showers, indoor plumbing, and deodorant and they treat us as if we in some way harmed them. One thing you will not see is a bunch of Americans rioting in the streets burning down buildings and threatening to behead anyone who insults America.

I should come as no surprise that San Francisco, the fruit capitol of the world and represented by San Fran Nan is showing this kind of film. I am sure it will even get accolades from the Western elites who know so much more than everyone else. Just keep this in mind the next time someone from another country, especially a Muslim country, gets upset by what is portrayed in a film. If any of them ever complain that a film portrayed them in a bad light, tell them to shut up and sit down. Now I know that Turkey is fairly secular and is a NATO ally but considering how they “supported” us in the beginning of the war it is no wonder their soldiers were mistaken for the enemy.

One has to wonder why every movie or story or cartoon that in any way portrays Muslims in a bad way is condemned and death threats are made but when Muslim film festivals in the US are critical of the HOST country Americans complain a bit but offer no violence. Perhaps this puts to rest the idea that they come from a civilized society with a civilized religion. Remember, they are either terrorists or terrorists in training and violent demonstrations allow them the opportunity to practice.

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One Response to “Muslims Anti-American In America”

  1. Wild Thing says:

    Great post about this. I did nto know they were having a flim festival.Good grief!
    They come and attack us, and there is also the USS Cole attack and so many other attacks to many to mention in a comment. Then we say ok, have your Saudi schools here, have your mosques here, oh and how about a film festival too.

    Helllppp me this is making my head explode.

    How about headlines on ever paper saying whatt the truth is…..we are at war with Islam. Not just some radical group but all of Islam.

    Thank you for the information Big Dog and thank you for more amazing writing that you do.