Muslim Congressman Wages Jihad On Presidential Reception

Incoming Congressman Keith Ellison snubbed President Bush and went to a reception hosted by the AFL-CIO instead. Ellison, the first Muslim ever to serve in Congress decided that it would be better to hang out with a bunch of union guys so he could get the stuffed ballot boxes next time rather than visit with the President.

“I went to the AFL-CIO reception, because I wanted to meet and greet leaders of labor, and get to know them,” Ellison, D-Minn., said in an interview during a break from freshman orientation Tuesday. “Those are the people who I came here to support.”

“It wasn’t even a close call,” added Ellison, who is replacing the retiring Rep. Martin Sabo, a Democrat. “Maybe one day I’ll get to meet the president. He’s the president, and I respect him in his role as the president, but I have exceedingly sharp differences with him on a policy level.” kare11 TV

I guess he does have exceedingly sharp differences. The President is a Christian who tries to live by the teachings of the Bible and Ellison is a Muslim who will be sworn in on the Koran, a book about the violent cult of Islam and its pedophile prophet, Mohammad. Ellison is a person to keep our eyes on. He has been at the conventions of the anti-American group CAIR and it was reported he attended meetings where there was a lot of anti-American sentiment from the Muzzies in attendance.

This man might be a mole and he might be the first in the plan of the cult of Islam to take over this country. One item on the list is to get Muslims elected to national office. We should be watching anyone who swears in on a book that calls for Sharia Law and we should ensure that anything he does is looked at to ensure that Sharia Law is not being sneaked into our system of justice.

I do not trust him and I think we should have little tolerance for him. If he gets out of hand then he should have to meet with the President so Bush can put an old fashioned Texas ass whipping on him.

Call this opinion what you will but the only Radical Muslim is the non-violent one, the violent ones are pretty much the norm.

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