Murtha Skates Again, Avoids Reprimand

The next time a Democratic politician tells you that he opposes the culture of corruption and that, if elected, everything will be open and honest, take that politician out back and beat him soundly. When the Democrats ran their last campaign honesty was their best policy (to fool the sheeple) and now that they are in the majority they have done nothing to garner the trust of the people. Corruption, as I have said many times, runs across both sides of the aisle and the Democrats have been corrupt for years. It does not seem to matter to the people who vote to put jackasses like Murtha in office time and again even though he was caught on video tape trying to take a bribe. Murtha has been known for years as a back room politician who wheels and deals and is big on earmarks. He loves to spend taxpayer money paying off people with big bucks and he is not bashful about it. His latest earmark was what caused the fray. He earmarked $23 million dollars for a program that the federal government has been trying to shut down because it is not cost effective. It is in Murtha’s district so he added the money back into the war supplemental.

This made one Republican, Mike Rogers, expressed his displeasure and Murtha sought him out and confronted him in a hostile manner. Murtha then told Rogers that he better not ever try to get anything in a bill because it would never make it. Murtha threatened to base decisions about future requests by Rogers on Rogers’ vote on Murtha’s money which is a violation of the House rules. Rogers asked that a vote be held to Reprimand Murtha for his violation. I knew this would not pass because the Democrats are in the Majority and there are not enough of them with spines who will stand up for what is right despite their campaign promises. Two Democrats voted against the measure (in Murtha’s disfavor) and that was the total number who had enough testicular fortitude to do the right thing. The donks held their noses and helped out Murtha. This is not speculation on my part because many expressed displeasure at voting to protect him:

Still, several Democrats said some party members found it distasteful to vote to protect Murtha. My Way News

This folks, is what you voted for. These are people who lack the courage of their convictions. These are people who told you they were as pure as the driven snow and that they would run a clean shop and yet each day that passes exposes the corruption that has existed for quite some time. Whether it is Pelosi exempting businesses in her district or Feinstein helping to award her husband’s company defense contracts, the Democrats have shown that they are corrupt and that they do not give a damn about what people think. The fiasco with Murtha shows that they will protect one of their own over their own honor and over the best interests of the taxpayers. People in his Pennsylvania district should not be allowed to breed and Republican Tim Murphy should get a swift kick between his legs (for voting in Murtha’s favor).

Couple this with the culture ending immigration bill that the President, some Republicans and most Democrats are pushing on us despite overwhelming objection from a majority of the country and it is easy to see that these jokers are all poor leaders who have been around way too long.

It is time to vote against any incumbent in 2008. Americans, left or right, Republican or Democrat, or anything in between should band together to vote every incumbent on the ballot out of office. If we put fresh faces in office we can work together to find common ground in addressing the needs of our country.

Speaking of ILLEGAL immigration and the amnesty bill, please remember to sign the petition.

Big Dog

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