Murtha Is Broken And Worn Out

I tried to stay away from jumping on the Murtha bandwagon a few weeks ago because the whole episode in Congress reminded me of an episode of Jerry Springer. I though this guy would sit down and shut up once he voted against his own idea. This is the guy who wanted the immediate removal of our troops from Iraq and then, when Republicans forced the Democrats to vote on the issue, he voted against it. I wrote earlier about the fact that the Democrats lack the courage of their convictions and Murtha was a shining example of that.

One would think that since he voted against the very item he was proposing, he would not bring it up again but that would be an incorrect assumption. Murtha is now saying that our Army is broken and worn out and will be out of Iraq within a year. They might be but that will only be because they will have completed their mission.

Murtha, much like Ted Kennedy and a number of other politicians (from both parties) has been in office way too long. He is tired and broken and the people need to give him an exit strategy. Murtha has been in Congress for more than 30 years and he is saying our troops have been at war too long after just 3? What we need to do is reassess his status in the Congress and show him and all the other lifers the door.

I will not knock Murtha’s military service. He served admirably and that is more than others did but that does not give him Carte Blanche over all issues military and he must answer for his positions just like any other elected official. And for those who think he was called a coward learn to read. The statement was that cowards cut and run Marines never do. Murtha is way past too old to be in a war much less cut and run. The comment was from a Marine letting the Congressman know that he and his fellow Marines are not cowards and do not intend to cut and run. If Murtha is such a tough veteran than he should be able to handle the truth.

Murtha is up for reelection next year and you can bet this rhetoric has a lot to do with that very issue. He has been there for a long time and the power of incumbency should help him win with no problem. The people of Pennsylvania need to realize that Congressman Murtha is broken and worn out and needs an exit strategy from his position. While we are making up exit strategies we can include the old tired and broken down colleagues of Murtha’s who are well past useful. We need to get rid of all of them and start with fresh ideas.

Read the new senile based rant here. Voting against your own proposal is certainly a sign of senility.

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