Murderer’s Last Words; Vote Obama

Dale Leo Bishop was sentenced to death for his role in the beating death of Marcus Gentry. Bishop did not deliver the fatal blow but he was part of the attack on Gentry. He was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death.

Bishop was put to death by lethal injection but the last words he uttered were for people to vote for Obama so that the death penalty will be taken away.

“For those who oppose the death penalty and want to see it end, our best bet is to vote for Barack Obama because his supporters have been working behind the scenes to end this practice,” Bishop said Clarion Ledger

Isn’t it amazing that a man who helped to beat someone to death wants people to vote for a candidate who will reportedly end the death penalty? Bishop indicated that Obama has people working behind the scenes to end the death penalty. Even if this were true, how would this inmate know it? Behind the scenes indicates that it is kept out of the public’s eye. This was more likely an attempt of Bishop to convince the anti death people to vote fro Obambi. Regardless, he won’t be here to see who wins anyway.

I still find it remarkable that the murderer wants to do away with the death penalty but has no problem with beating people to death. He could have avoided the death penalty by not participating and by reporting the incident. Instead, he took the decision to murder. There is no such reprieve for victims who are beaten to death with a hammer so why should the people who did the beating get a better sentence?

It is nice to know that along with the terrorist vote (Hamas and Iran support Obama) the Messiah has the murderer vote in the bag.

Big Dog

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39 Responses to “Murderer’s Last Words; Vote Obama”

  1. Joe reinhart says:

    To be a good little goose-stepping liberal puppy you must believe that
    1. Crime is relative. There is no such thing as absolute wrong so there is, hence, no such thing as crime.
    2. Jails are full of innocent people.
    3. These innocent people are all rehabilitated by lenient jail furlow stsyems, “out in-mate systems, not by punishment.
    4. All people who somehow did manage to comit crime deserve as many chances as it takes for them to stop making crime.
    5. Babies deserve to die if their mommy wants to kill them.
    6. Conservatives deserve to die, because their mommies didn’t want to kill them.

    See, it is all quite simple, BD. What part of the liberal’s logic do you fail to grasp?
    Woof woof.

  2. Bunny Colvin says:

    To hell with Dale Leo Bishop. I don’t agree with the death penalty, however I’m not losing too much sleep over this guy.

    That said, what in God’s name does whatever this clown has to say have to do with Barack Obama? Nothing. Suppose the ahole had said “I’ve discovered a cure for cancer.” You’d want him lethally injected anyway. There is a good chance he is batshit crazy so what does it matter what he says? Suppose he’d said “that hack blogger Big Dog is a child molester.” Now the Dog is seriously confused about many things, but I’d bet the ranch he’s no pedophile.

    One other thing, DogDirt. You aren’t exactly Kojak. Your analysis concluding that Obama somehow benefits from this is the most asinine thing I’ve seen all day. And that’s no small feat, considering how much FauxNews I watch. Anyway, the assertion that Obama would have wanted this to happen to “garner the anti death vote” is ridiculous. I don’t think your interpretations of political happenings are going to translate into any jobs on K Street or into any potential White House press credentials.

    If anything, you and Swinehart might want to consider starting a private investigation service. Your instincts, almost always off track, may improve with further reading and practiced reasoning. Perhaps a Logic class @ your local CC is also called for. I’m sure there are some fine political science profs in your area, if you’d rather go that route.

    One last thing- murderers can’t vote. Especially after they are executed. You need a proofreader.



  3. Christinewjc says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever seen someone call a person “Dog dirt” and then sign off the same comment with the word “Peace.” Still laughing over that one.

    No wonder Michael Savage called liberalism a mental disorder!

  4. Big Dog says:

    Well now Bunny,
    I only said that this was what the murderer thought. Of course criminals back Democratic candidates, they are soft on crime.

    Obviously, (and you have an amazing grasp of the obvious) he can’t vote while dead. Of course murderers vote all the time. Every election some liberal group goes to the jails and has criminals fill out ballots.

    The simple fact is most liberals do not agree with the death penalty. They do not believe there is a crime worthy of it. Criminals know that. Ever wonder why the majority of people in prison are Democrats?

    I don’t want a K street job and I don’t want to work at the White House. I make good money actually working for a living.

  5. Joe reinhart says:

    I visited Bunny’s blog, something like “loosers R us .com” or something equally forgetable.
    There was no one there. No comments and none online.
    So that is why he trolls here, but you what? Like flys in Australia, first you hate him, then you realize that if it weren’t for swatting him, life would be boring.
    You don’t mind that rub his bunny-face in his doo-doo, do you BD? I like that Swineheart, too! Not very original but still I think it has an oink-ish kind of charm! Cool!
    I had a 4-H project when I was a kid and raised some pigs and bunnies. After butchering a bunny (one swift chop to the neck, BTW!) the pigs would make quick work of the bunny-remains.
    Like me, swine are not picky of what they eat!

    Bunny, your form of argument is called “Ad hominem:” attacking the personal instead of the argument. A form of this is “reductio ad Hitlerum.”
    And bunny if you weren’t such a sump-pump, I would say it applies to you. But you probably can’t even grow a set of whiskers under your goose-stepping nostrels.

  6. Kim Spinney says:

    What a hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!! What about its (I can say him, because it is neither a she or he, it is an animal) stance on late aborptions. It was its deciding vote to NOT give comfort and aid to a baby that survived a murderous abortion. If the press fools the people and it actually gets elected; there will be rioting in the streets, the country will never be the same. Just think, an animal who would be President of the US. UGH!

  7. Reason says:

    Personally I think we don’t use the death penalty enough.

    Why should society pay for repeat violent offenders and brutal murderers food and housing? I think we need to speed the appeals process up, and start easing the prison population and reducing our tax burdens by sending these dangerous criminals to meet their maker.

    Prison doesn’t rehabilitate, nor does it make them “pay their debt to society”, in fact it only increases their debt to society because we have to feed, clothe, and house them while they are in jail. Bring back hard labor, make it so the lesser offenders really don’t want to go back to jail ever again.

    Those that are violent repeat offenders, violent sex offenders, pedophiles, and murderers need to be permanently removed from society. You don’t cage a rabid animal until it dies or some preset amount of time, you put it down, and that is what needs to be done to the aforementioned groups.

    Some will of course argue that the death penalty has on effect on crime. I say that’s BS, dead people commit no crimes. So it significantly impacts crime by keeping these people from committing further crimes. Another argument is what about accidentally pouting an innocent man to death. Well in most cases you’ve already taken their lives from them, you cannot give time back and you can’t remove the memories of their time in prison.

  8. Bunny Colvin says:

    In Order:

    Christine- Are you referring to this Michael Savage?…,2933,387662,00.html
    Tell me Christine, do you know any autistic children? And Dog knows it’s all good on the nicknames. It’s a Bushie thing, you wouldn’t understand, honey.

    R.N. Dog- All but a few states prohibit convicted felons from voting. Check your facts, it can be a fun exercise.

    Swines- Welcome back, piggy! I missed you. I’m not a troll. I actually read the postings on this site. It keeps me up on the thinkings of the extreme wackos in America. I love this blog, I’m not going anywhere. My blog is getting more hits each day. I just started it last week, of course it doesn’t have huge traffic yet.

    Kimmy Baby- I am a he, my dear. And I wasn’t writing about abortion. If you want to riot in the street, be my guest. You can riot in my street. I have a handcuff fetish anyway. It’s all good.

    PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST (That’s for Christine and the rest of the end of dayers),

    Major Bunny Colvin, BPD

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Help the Poor while Expanding your Vocabulary

  9. Bunny Colvin says:


    Have you ever spent time in prison, you seem to be an expert? I’m guessing you’re just another armchair warden and don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Help the Poor while Expanding your Vocabulary

  10. Big Dog says:

    FWIW, I have. I worked as a nurse in one. It is not a nice place and the criminals are not good people nor are they rehabilitated. They are demanding leeches.

    But then again, I got to go home every day…

  11. Big Dog says:

    Just because a state prohibits convicted felons from voting does not mean they don’t vote. The Constitution does not allow people born here to illegals to be citizens but we make them citizens. Illegals are not allowed to vote but they do. I am sure you have heard of voter fraud.

    And yes, ACORN goes to jail to register felons to vote. Now, it might not be the felon who eventually votes but whomever does will use his name.

    Are you a cop? No wonder you are a jackass. Most cops are egotistical jerks who have a gun and a badge and harass people. So, back on my examples of what is illegal and people still do. How about cops who speed but write speeding tickets or cops who drink and drive but arrest others for doing that? If you want corrupt look at just about any police department.

    Bunny, now I understand a lot. Major? Must not be a lot of people where you “serve”

  12. Schatzee says:

    Reason – loved the comment and I totally agree. One of the reasons for such vast out-of-control criminal activity is the fact that prison is no longer a punishment and the death penalty is not an immediate punishment. Criminals (and illegals but let’s not go there right now) have more rights than average citizens. Our courts are overwhelmed and the majority of them fight the disorder by pleading out or pleading down cases that warrant more severe sentences.

    What happened to chain gangs? How about we institute a policy that EVERYONE incarcerated works for a living, say 8 to 10 hours a day like the rest of us. I think we would see a decline in violence within the prison because they would be too tired to “shank” anyone or even think about filing down their toothbrush. The money generated from such work (like making things we now buy for China, just as an example) could go for their food, clothing, medical, and general maintenance.

    Sounds fair to me. Let’s do away with gyms in the prisons – they don’t need any more of a work out than a good old-fashioned hard day of work. I think they should also do away with their “commissary” privileges as well. They don’t need a prison bank account or candy bars. It’s prison for crying out loud and they should not be living like they are regular people. I know not many would go for this one – but some countries do not feed their prisoners at all. The inmate must rely on their families to provide their meals or they don’t eat. Not a bad idea if you ask me. Cuts down on the cost (and eventually overpopulation).

    I know this post wasn’t about prison but I had to go there – and I hate the fact that this jack*** got any last words and they are making a splash anywhere. I guess he is against the death penalty, few criminals like it but many deserve it. Why do we feed and house these murdering animals on our dime – maybe we could start sending them to other countries, kind of like a one-for-one with illegals? LOL

    I’m sorry but I cannot find it in myself to even address Major Bunny – I don’t really find any of his arguments interesting or convincing but his name gives me a little giggle.

  13. Reason says:

    Why does one need to spend time in prison to be an expert? Also on which end qualifies you as an “expert”? You just have to understand people, not to mention I’ve known a couple felons (personal friends in my younger wilder days), several police officers (family friends), a detective on a sex crimes unit (personal friend), and an FBI agent (family friend), and a couple corrections officers (personal friend and co-worker).

    I listen to what they’ve said. Listening to what other people have to say can teach you a lot. However liberals only seem good at listening to the sound of their own voices, why do you think they love Obama? He’s represents the epitome of achievement when it comes to loving the sound of his own voice.

    Also you don’t need to be a genius to read a news story and see “The perpetrator has X prior convictions” or “So & so was released from prison 2 weeks prior to the crime”.

    Deny it all you want the evidence is there. Then again how can you see anything at all with your head shoved that far up your ass Bunny?

  14. Schatzee says:

    Well I guess I do want to say one thing to Bunny – have you ever listened to Michael Savage? Some of his comments were taken out of context (wow, really, the MSM does that?) and now this big mess has autism supporters up in arms, marching and boycotting.

    His comments were not directed at those who are truly autistic (his brother was institutionalized and never spoke a word in his entire life – Savage does understand that real disorders exist). He was trying to tell people that many of the children now days are being “labeled” as ADD, ADHD, autistic, etc. in order to receive special educational benefits, excuse their poor behavior (often a lack of discipline and consistency in parenting – IMHO), and medicate them to make life easier (on teachers, parents, whatever and a real boom for the pharmaceutical companies). I think too many people are foregoing proper parenting for pills.

    I HAVE worked with mentally challenged children (many of which were autistic and ADHD) and can see his point. The “checklist” for autism symptoms can pretty much qualify any kid on the block. ADHD is so over-used as an excuse to keep wayward children or those with behavioral issues from being a distraction. One can certainly see a difference in the children I worked with and some of the children that I have seen today with the same diagnosis.

    I know there are children with these disorders that are truly in need of care, medication, and special treatment. I believe Savage does as well. However, in our “pill for all that ails you” society, children are being given dangerous drugs for disorders that they may not even have. Not to mention the fact that they are “labeled” forever.

    I don’t agree with Savage on a lot of things but his “Liberalism is a mental disorder” comment (and book, no doubt) is priceless and on point.

  15. Bunny Colvin says:

    I have listened to Michael Savage many times. Fortunately, I posses the ability to recognize what he says as hate and listen with a critical ear. You however, undoubtedly lack such ability.

    My favorite Savage quote:

    “I don’t care about this old queen, frankly. He disgusts me to make — my flesh crawls from the old queen. That was a general? Now you wonder why we’re still in Iraq five years later. General — with General Keith Kerr, you know why we’re still in Iraq five years later.” (speaking of Brig. Gen Keith Kerr after the CNN/Youtube debate). Hating on a vet. Just like Billo the Loofah pirate.

    Did your “work” with mentally challeneged children include a diagnosis by your “co-workers” concluding that you yourself are one?

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Help the Poor while Expanding your Vocabulary…For Free

  16. Schatzee says:

    Bunny – is it necessary for you to make personal attacks against anyone with the sense to see past your obvious lack of reason and intelligence? I will not lower myself to a name-calling contest with you but will address your statement.

    I stressed that I did not necessarily agree with Savage on many things. I do, however, see his point on this particular subject. Society has changed to take our personal responsibility and replaced it with the blame game. “It’s not my fault (or my child’s, whatever) because I have (fill in the syndrome of the day).” or “Society has made me what I am. It’s because I’m poor, uneducated,” blah, blah, blah. I think many things, including autism, are misdiagnosed because it is convenient and beneficial (at times).

    As far as your quote, I don’t listen to Savage often but he’s entitled to his opinion and anytime someone does not like it, the channel selector is not far away…

    My work with challenged children (both mentally and physically) was one of the high points of my life. I have never met such wonderful and loving children who deserve everything we can do to help them to thrive in life. I won’t tarnish them by suggesting you are challenged – you’re just plain hateful and rude.

  17. Bunny Colvin says:

    You want no name calling contest with me, you ain’t gots the skillz to compete. My vocabulary skills are far superior to yours. So don’t lower yourself to it unless you want another in the L column. It’s cool, nothing personal with you. You don’t like it.

    I agree with all but the poor/uneducated reference in para 2. Being a poor child is certainly a disability. Kids don’t choose to be poor. They don’t choose parents on Park Ave and they don’t choose parents in a tent farm on a cold, rainy night. A parents lack of employability skills is no fault of a child. And please keep in mind that there are people with whatever “syndrome of the day” you refer to.

    I do have some hate in my heart. I have hated most pubbers for years, but not you. You are more civilized than the haters. I’d rather stick to policy with you and we’ll leave the verbal war on terror to myself and bitch asses like Scottie and Swinehart. I worked with children, some more challenged than others, in my younger days.

    P3 is a little overly capitalist for my taste. It’s not the channel surfer that drives the message to voters. It is the interaction between viewers on the issues. And the “issues” (which are ratings generated anyway) are crafted by people like Savagebitch and the Loofa Pirate and mAnn Coulter. These men are all troubled psychologically. They shouldn’t shape discussions amongst voters on policy issues. They are a sideshow. And, I’ll admit, so too at times is Olbermann.

    Again, I apologize for the comment. Too much hatin sometime. And those children do deserve everything we can do to help them thrive in life, including taking cutting education funding off of the table. Our public school system needn’t be abandoned financially and allowed to die. It, in places, is like a diseased flower, possessing the ability to thrive in the sunlight but lacking the resources, be them water or funding, to blossom.

    Be well, Potsy. And don’t be hatin! This thread is kind of a loaded subject for you. I can see that you’re above all the ugliness that accompanies a blog post with a title like this one. It’s cool by me. Now, back to biz…


    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Help the Poor while Expanding your Vocabulary…For Free

  18. Big Dog says:

    Bunny, you are pretty sure of yourself of your so called intelligence. You are not superior to anyone here. You can mock our intelligence but one of these commenters is a member of Mensa and another could be if he wished.

    The difference is, we will not be goaded into a war of words that have no benefit to the conversation. We can insult and call names but that does not address the issues.

    Now you can talk like you own the place but I have the master keys so no matter what happens I can lock the door. So do try to be civil.

  19. Bunny Colvin says:


    Very sure, not pretty sure. Mensa schemsa. I do admit to playing many of their online games, however. I highly recommend them.

    Some wars of words are of benefit to the conversation. I watch a good deal of FauxNews, and there is plenty of shouting and less than civil convo on there. And I know you people watch it too.

    Censorship is not a good option for you, Dog. I welcome any type of discussion at my place and you should do the same. On some of your posts, I would never comment in the fashion I did on this one. When you write posts about murderers supporting Obama, you invite such heated debate. At least in my opinion you do. Scottie never came back for another beating after his disastrous oil rig blunder. I’m just trying to bring him back as a poster, and this helps you Doggie. And Swines, well you just have to let us duke this one out. I’d bet some people think it’s pretty funny.

    PEACE to all, except the haters. Scottie, where you at??

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Help the Poor while Expanding your Vocabulary…For Free

  20. Big Dog says:

    Bunny, I have only banned 2 people (actualy, they are moderated) because they got out of hand. The point I make is don’t act like you own the place because you don’t, I do. There is no such thing as free speech in the real world and not here. As long as you remember who runs the train you can stay on it.

    As I said before, you are no smarter than anyone here. You don’t make it as far as these folks have if you are stupid.

    Remember, you just think you are smarter than everyone. And murderers DO support Obama. Look at this guy and the abortion crowd. Murder is murder and the ones doing it support him.

  21. Bunny Colvin says:


    I’d be willing to bet that I could go to a prison right now and find a convicted killer whom would say he supports McSame in a heartbeat. But what does that prove? Is that what should shape voters beliefs? You’re no idiot Doggie, your writing can surely be better than this.

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Help the Poor while Expanding your Vocabulary…For Free

  22. Schatzee says:

    I think the point here is that given a choice of last words, words that could be used for contrition or repenting, this felon chose to use that time to “campaign” if you will for B. Hussein Obama. I find that interesting to say the least. You may be able to find a prisoner who supports McCain – but again that is not the point here.

    As for vocabulary, I can assure you mine is just as vast and exquisite as anyone here but I don’t use this forum to expose my acid tongue (I save that for road rage – lol). And playing games on Mensa’s site is one thing – proving and maintaining an IQ possessed by only 2% of the population is an accomplishment and only a person who cannot do so would say “Mensa schmensa.” Besides, with such an outstanding vocabulary you’d think you could conjure up something a tad less … lame?

    Regarding your earlier comment, I’m not sure I would consider being poor a “disability” but it is certainly an obstacle. However, using it or anything like it as an excuse for behaving badly or turning to criminal activity just doesn’t wash with me. Again, it’s a matter of personal responsibility. I did not grow up in a wealthy family – I would say we were stretching it to be low middle class. But that did not stop me from achieving my goals without resorting to illegal activities.

    My point remains that personal responsibility, not excuses or medication or a “special needs” diagnosis is what we need to instill in our children. Again, not saying that there are children out there without serious disorders that require and deserve all the help we can provide. Just saying that many of these children are nothing more than brats with parents who are no longer in control. Those should be treated differently, and harshly, or we are going to be ending up paying for them to live out their pathetic lives in jail just like the above-mentioned killer.

  23. Bunny Colvin says:


    If you’d like I’ll take the mensa test and send you the results. If the mystery mensa members on this site and my practice test results I recieved in the mail are any indication, membership won’t be a problem. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but I’ll do whatever it takes for you, girlfriend.

    Glad the whole Horatio Alger thing worked out for you. Many are not so fortunate. Are you caucasion, may I ask? Because I know personally several black children whos skin color has prevented them from attaining employment at numerous jobs they applied for.


    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Help the Poor while Expanding your Vocabulary…For Free

  24. Big Dog says:

    Take whatever you want. The fact is you are no smarter than anyone here.

    So some black kids did not get a job because of skin color. I know white people who did not get into college because they were white and affirmative action held them back. I know white people who were told not to apply because they were the wrong color the company was looking for.

    So a lot of people get discriminated against. The test of character is what we do about it.

    Get a professional degree an get a good paying job. Join the military and learn good skills, or complain about it and go on welfare.

    It is all about responsibility and determination.

  25. Schatzee says:

    Potsy? I have a name BUNNY and I prefer you use it rather than another unnecessary reference. I don’t call you harebrain or fluffy butt. So rude, again. Anyway, I don’t care to work with you on the Mensa testing thing. If you want to take the test or present your IQ, SAT scores, whatever, you can join yourself. I didn’t take a practice tests and did not need to actually test in. My IQ and SAT scores qualify me outright. Nuff said.

    Not that it’s anyone’s business, I am Caucasian and Native American. I fail to see what that has to do with it – unless you are now saying that race is another excuse for people to use for their shortcomings. Ever heard of Judge Mathis? He’s a well-known example of a poor, black kid doing good. I know several men and women that I work with who are black and came from very meager beginnings but made good and have done well for themselves. My field of study is predominantly male yet I had no problem overcoming that obstacle. I’m just smarter and better than there are – therefore, I am the better choice – race, gender, etc. aside. My boyfriend is multi-racial and comes from a very rough upbringing yet he has never used that as an excuse to keep him from doing his best in life.

    In a way, you are almost making my point for me. An entire race of people being allowed to forgo personal responsibility for their own lives simply because of the color of their skin. They didn’t get the job because they are black. How do you know that? With affirmative action you are more likely to get it if you are black, or Hispanic (even illegal). So how can you use that as a justification for choosing to take the wrong road? The “poor me” defense is just not working anymore. Black, gay, Hispanic, whatever. There is a much more even playing field now then ever before – no one should be using an excuse or a crutch to hold themselves back. It’s sad.

  26. Schatzee says:

    BD – love that – the test of character is what we do with it. Exceptionally well said, sir!

  27. Bunny Colvin says:

    Looks like I am dealing with the mystery mensa member. I’m honored to be in the cyber presence of such an intelligent creature. Do you guys play Dungeons and Dragons at Mensa events? I gotta get in.

    Most of the (r)epukes that I know still refer to Native Americans as Indians. But my parents are pretty P.C., so I know the lingo. It’s cool, sister.

    Judge Mathis? Please tell me you’re kidding. I was hoping for Colin Powell or someone of his stature.

    My point is that blacks and other minorities are discriminated against in greater numbers than whites. Sure everyone at some point experiences discrimination, but out here in the real world it is minorities that bear the brunt. And I don’t know one example of “an entire race of people being allowed to forgo personal responsibility for their own lives simply because of the color of their skin.” THAT is a pretty racist statement. An “entire race” is “allowed”???


    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Help the Poor while Expanding your Vocabulary…For Free

  28. Big Dog says:

    They are Indians. I never played Cowboys and Native Americans.

    Condi Rice, Montel Williams, Clarence Thomas… Your point? Unless they meet some standard they are not self made people who overcame poverty?

    Blacks and other minorities WERE discriminated against in greater numbers. Minorities have every opportunity to make something of their lives. Instead of selling drugs on a street corner they should stay in school and get an education.

    The blacks have allowed themselves to be bamboozled by Democrats for decades. They have become subservient to that party based on promises of more hand outs. The system is designed to keep them that way so they continue to vote for their task masters on the left.

    Race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson convince people that the white man is out to get them and, like you, slander Republicans as racists. The Republican party was formed to end slavery in this country and that is what we did. More Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act than Democrats (by percentage). It was a Republican who introduced the first Civil Rights legislation.

    All we expect is for people to be responsible for their lives and to work hard.

    And you know what? Life will never be fair and all people will not make the same money. There will always be poor among us.

  29. Joe reinhart says:

    Ha ha ha! A cabbage in MENSA! Ha ha ha ah! Oh Bunny you are a riot.
    Quick question; what happen to the equation, “crime and punishment,” when you remove “punishment?”

    Answer…you are left with “crime.”

    Oh, I went back your bog and hey! You are right! There have been four visitors! Wow, you are really racking them up! Good bunny.

    So, Bunny is a racists. OK. We can handle that.
    That established, let me ask you another question; How is being predjudiced against people because of their numbers, that there are more of them, any better than hating them because there are less of them?
    I mean, there are more Chinese than whites, so why don’t you cut to the chase, and just hate little brown peoples? You know, cut out the middle-men! And you may gain a carbon credit!

    Oh, I guess I know the answer; you already hate them, that is why you consider American defeat in Vietnam a victory for your… Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, all the same to you, right?

    Wait! Can three be considered a party? You, Hitler and Gobbles! Ha ha hahah! An party of three!
    Ooops I forgot to add the Beatles. Seven, but that’s not a party, it’s a gang!
    Oh God! I crack me up! And at your expense! Sweet!

    So, if there isn’t any race allowed to “forgo personal responsibility for their own lives simply because of the color of their skin,” what are you ranting about? Obviously you think some people deserve forgo-age of responsibility; yourself.

    Major Bunny Colvin, BPD, is that “British Poodle Doo?” Get over it; we won our freedom from you, your queen and that’s the end of the story. You lost your entire empire, sonny. Almost lost it twice again in the 20th century, except American farm-boys gave it back to you.

    Or is it BPD; “Bohemian Penis (ooops! Did I say that word? Sorry!) Diddlers?” Major? Are you still there? Eh?

    Oh if only St. Joan were here to see us now.
    So Bunny-eyes, hate should stop at home first. Maybe yours? Oh, yes; I see it has moved in!

    Naaaaaa! Bunny bunny bunny. We really love to hate you. You are so…hate-able! You and what your refer to as your brain!

    Thanks for being such a good sport.

  30. Schatzee says:

    British poodle doo? That’s just weirdly funny! OK – anyway, I used Mathis because you would be familiar with him. He is a very common advocate of the downtrodden poor, black peeps. I think we could make quite a list – which just further proves my point.

    Racist or not, I do believe a whole group of people has been given a “pass” at times because of what happened so long ago. I never owned a slave – my people were treated badly and their land taken away – I don’t whine about it and use it as an excuse for my shortcomings in life. There are exceptions – as noted above by others. But by and large I see far too many blame the white man, slavery, the system, fill in your favorite excuse here, for their problems. It’s sad and again relieves people of personal responsibility.

    No, we won’t let you play D&D with us at Mensa. You are a hater and a name-caller and you make fun of everyone because that is all you have to offer. Really sad if you ask me. Thought you could maintain a reasonable debate without being petty and childish. I assure you if we were to have a war of words and slams, I could take you down in no time. But, again, I’m not lowering myself to that to make you feel better.

    Stick to topic, keep you hating to yourself, and trying arguing facts and opinion rather than propaganda and BS. Thanks!

  31. Bunny Colvin says:

    Dog- I understand, blacks WERE discriminated against in greater numbers, but now whites are discriminated agaisnt just as often. Got it. I can positively say you are wrong, but this is your opinion and while I don’t respect it, I accept it.

    Swines- I really don’t know how to respond to your post, being that it is so….lame. But I give you credit for never giving up. By doing this, you have proven that you are much more of a man than panty waist Scottie. Please leave the Beatles out of this though.

    Potsy- please don’t give me examples based solely on weather or not you think I’d be “familiar” with them. I am “familiar” on countless things which your intelligence prevents you from ever comprehending. But I’d never attempt to “dumb down” my examples for you. That is just not how the game is played. And again, you would have absolutely no chance against me in a “war of words and slams”. I can tell you are weak-minded, that is why I take it easy on you. Shouldn’t you be cooking or cleaning on a Sunday afternoon anyway? Or is that boyfriend of yours a liberal, allowing you to actually leave the house when you wish?

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Adolf & Hussein- What’s in a Name?

  32. Big Dog says:

    Look at job selection, minority contracts, college entrance and any number of other items and you can see how often white people are discriminated against. Sure, blacks still suffer discrimination but it is not so widespread as the race baiters would have you believe.

    The left is full of the bigots.

    Now, your attempt to egg Schatzee on will not work. You are not going to have these wars of words because I won’t let it happen. I don’t want to see your over inflated ego take that big a hit and she does not usually waste her time on idiots.

    You see, anyone who makes a statement about cooking and cleaning and letting out of the house is an idiot.

  33. Schatzee says:

    Of course you’re right BD – this banter is pointless and beneath me but entertaining nonetheless. Still, I wonder how someone who cannot distinguish between the forms of “weather” and “whether” can really pass fifth grade much less Mensa. LOL
    Okay, I’m done. Just couldn’t pass that one up.

  34. Bunny Colvin says:

    Oh Potsy. You’ve found a mistake. I’m well aware of the difference between weather and whether. I haven’t the time to bother going back and reading your posts to find errors.

    Does Dog referring to your people as “Indians” bother you? Also, have any of your people been given reparations as apology for past injustices? Say like, beneficial business deals involving casinos. Please don’t take offense. Not implying anything, just asking.

    Dog- agreed that “anyone who makes a statement about cooking and cleaning and letting out of the house is an idiot.” That is, if they are being sincere. And all of the people I have ever met who meant it when they said it are (r)epukes. Which would make them the party of idiocracy. And I have long suspected that.

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Adolf & Hussein- What’s in a Name?

  35. Reason says:

    From my understanding it is more appropriate to refer to a Native American by their tribe or nation. Lacking that information I just use Native American, just like I use Asian to describe those from China, Vietnam, Korea, etc when I lack knowledge of their nationality; though many Asians prefer to be referred to by their nationality as well.

    I find Bunny to be typical of the left, snobby superior attitude, frequent name calling, snide & rude remarks, and an inability to argue a point with logic and supporting evidence. Really he reminds me of one of the spoiled kids from an MMO forum.

  36. Big Dog says:

    Since I am from the same tribe as Schatzee, i will just say Indian.

  37. Bunny Colvin says:

    Hey unREASONable-

    What do you call Muslims? Doesn’t matter what nationality they are. Please be honest, I’m sure you have a favorite derogatory term. Please share.

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Adolf & Hussein- What’s in a Name?

  38. Bunny Colvin says:

    I don’t think that this murderer supports Obama..

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Adolf & Hussein- What’s in a Name?

  39. Reason says:


    I don’t use racial/religious slurs and epitaphs I’m not a Liberal.