Murder in the City, Is America Safer than Iraq?

It is a very sad day in Baltimore for the police department and the family of Detective Troy Chesley Senior. Chesley had gotten off duty and was on his way to his girlfriend’s house when someone tried to rob him. Gunshots were exchanged and Detective Chesley was killed. He leaves behind two younger children who are now without parents (their mother died of a heart attack a few years ago). Let me start by saying that my prayers go out to his children and to his family.

The problem here is that a number of failings of the system are involved in this situation. I will not discuss the idea of an officer dying because he was not in uniform and his assailants probably did not know he was a cop. To them he was another mark. The difference is that this mark had a weapon. Many Marylanders they are easy prey to criminals because they are not allowed to carry a gun and it takes an act of Congress to get one (or you can be special like judges). Obviously, having a gun in this case did not make a difference. I do not know the circumstances so I can not comment. I do know that Chesley was probably attacked because the criminals did not believe he would be armed and they were probably surprised to find out he was. He also probably identified himself as a police officer which would not go over well with the assailant.

After an exhaustive search the police have made an arrest in the shooting of Chesley. There have been nine other murders this year and I do not think any of them resulted in a search of this magnitude. In any event, the police arrested a scum sucking punk named Brandon Grimes. The reason that Grimes was probably not happy to find himself in conflict with an officer is that he has a long criminal record and was scheduled to appear in court tomorrow for two handgun counts from arrests in March and April of last year. Once again the criminal justice system allows violent people to roam freely. This time it was not some every day Joe who got killed, it was a cop. Every day Joes are injured or killed all the time by criminals that the judges let roam the streets to prey on the innocent. Judges live in their gated communities or have a firearm so they feel pretty safe. The rest of us are left to fend for ourselves against animals who have no regard for the law.

People like to cry and complain about the war and the 3000 who have given their lives. There are tens of thousands of our young warriors who carry lifetime wounds and these are the focus of the people who think that Iraq is unsafe. Every day in the US more people are killed than the number of military killed in Iraq. Every day more people are injured in the US than in Iraq. Every day thousands of criminals like this slime ball Grimes roam the streets and hurt or kill people. This time he killed a cop and will probably not be back on the street (I say probably because we are dealing with idiot judges who think they can regulate society). If this had been a judge or a member of a judge’s family the guy would never see the light of day.

Baltimore has had 10 murders in 9 days (more murders than my county has had in about two years combined) and at this rate is on a pace to be well above 300 and this is just one US city. Combine this with the numbers from all the other cities and it is easy to see that the US is more dangerous than Iraq.

So while America’s left laments the war and while Cindy Sheehan cries about how terrible it is over there, remember Detective Chesley, who was gunned down in a combat zone known as an American City by a criminal who was allowed to roam the streets by inept judges from a dysfunctional judicial system.

Read this piece by Victor Davis Hanson from last April.

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One Response to “Murder in the City, Is America Safer than Iraq?”

  1. Raven says:

    It’s true– the elites of society can defend themselves as they take away our rights to do so.

    Excellent post and I voted for it!