MSM Can’t Ignore Edwards Story Now

For about a year John Edwards has been denying stories by the National Enquirer about an alleged affair. Edwards denied the affair and he lied to the American public when he did. For the most part the MSM ignored the story. A few decided to look into it but then declared there was nothing to the story while others just ignored it completely. It was easy for Edwards to call the story a lie because it came from a sleazy publication.

The only problem, as it turns out, is that the Enquirer had it right. John Edwards admitted to having the affair though he continues to deny that the child of his conquest is his. All the so called reputable media outlets ignored this story while the Enquirer plodded along until it got the scoop. The same media that could not wait to jump on Mark Foley and Larry Craig ignored the Edwards issue and now that issue is leaving egg on their faces.

John Edwards was absolutely correct when he said there are Two Americas. In one, the media are relentless in pursuit of Republicans who have done something wrong. In the other America Democrats get to do what they want and the media leaves them alone.

John Edwards has true belief in what he says. He believes in his Two Americas idea so deeply that he has a woman in each one.

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