Mrs. Alito Leaves In Tears

Drudge is reporting that part way through the confirmation hearings today, in the midst of a vicious attack on her husband’s character, Mrs. Alito left the hearing room in tears. I feel badly for her because the man she has loved for a long time is being attacked from the left by a bunch of elitist hypocrites who want nothing more than to torpedo this nomination.

Ted Kennedy, probably suffering from the DTs, went on a rampage and was very abusive to the Chairman of the committee. Credit to Specter for putting Kennedy in his place. Kennedy was beating the drum about Alito’s membership in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP). You remember this as the issue that one twit staffer said would torpedo Alito. I believe the words were “stick a fork in Scalito, he’s done.” It seems that the issue is not getting much traction, as none of the others are, so the donks are getting testy.

I am sure that Mrs. Alito left the hearing room crying because of the way her husband was being treated but it is not unrealistic that after three days of this she was crying when she realized what kind of people are running this country. When ever I think of Ted Kennedy being in the Senate it makes me want to cry. The realization that Chuck Schumer represents this country sends shivers down my spine. BTW, Schumer is the kind of twit that I would have smacked on the playground.


Side bar: I was made aware about the post I wrote concerning Kennedy writing a book. I took notice at the time but did not comment. I was told Kennedy’s dog is named Splash. How ironic is that considering that is the sound his car made when he murdered that girl?

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