Motor City Madman Upsets The Regime And The SS

Ted Nugent had some things to say during a meeting with Second Amendment patriots and it did not sit well with the Secret Service. Ted was discussing the current regime and he said that if Obama were reelected then he [Ted] would be dead or in jail this time next year. Ted also indicated that if a coyote was in your house urinating on your furniture it was not the coyote’s fault but yours for not shooting it. He even stated that we needed to cut their heads off at the voting booth in November.

I imagine the remark about being responsible for not shooting the coyote drew the attention of the Secret Service. Those among us who are able to think know that Ted was not speaking of literally shooting anyone and the comments are obviously metaphorical but the Secret Service can never be too careful when investigating the safety of the one they are supposed to be protecting.

You see, they ensure that Obama is safe. They are well armed and they are ready to use deadly force to protect him and they will even go so far as to investigate the words of a conservative who utters words they dislike (liberals who make similar statements are free from scrutiny). The Secret Service will investigate this non threat because they are there to do what Obama would deny the rest of us and that would be the ability to have protection.

Obama is a gun grabber and if he gets a second term he will work very hard to take our guns away. That is not speculation, it is a fact. We the People are not, in the eyes of a liberal, worthy of the same protection that liberals assure for themselves.

Bloomberg, Schumer, Pelosi, Reid and many other people in government who want to restrict or remove our Second Amendment right have armed guards protecting them.

This is hypocrisy. Real patriots do not need armed guards. What we need is for government to stop trampling our rights and let us protect ourselves.

Those rights, by the way, include the right to free speech that Nugent was exercising.

The Secret Service has better things to do like perhaps looking for real threats of the terrorists who slip into this country and who would love to hurt our leaders.

They should also be working on clearing up the bills they incurred for all the hookers in Columbia.

Perhaps the real threat is the one of those who are assigned to protect Obama and allowed themselves to be compromised.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Motor City Madman Upsets The Regime And The SS”

  1. carter says:

    I think Nugent is a Deputy Sheriff also.
    The Secret Service would do well to check for lip stick on their dip sticks before coming to a premature climax on this one.
    A better idea might be to check into Barry’s SS number or Selective Service Registration before he leaves the Country again. Somebody might want to see it before letting him back in.

  2. Blake says:

    I have to agree with Nugent- and the SS have, in the years since Reagan, become wussies- Is Obama even worth protecting? Personally, I believe it would be a waste of a good bullet, as Unca Joe Biden would be up to bat, and we all know how nuts he is- he is the very best form of security there is.
    Why would any sane person risk that? That was probably the smartest thing Bari ever did, naming Crazy Joe as his running mate- why do you think he allows Joe to spew the verbal diaharria he does? Just to bring home the point that there is someone crazier than O’bamma.