More War Stories That Won’t get A Lot Of Play

The military medical folks have done an outstanding job in the war on terror in Iraq. I say that with a bit of bias, since I was in charge of medical folks in the Army. They treat everyone who is injured regardless of status and they often save lives that years ago would have been lost. We hardly hear about the job they are doing, especially the job they do taking care of civilians.

Sometimes they pick up civilians. Lt. Col. Sean Killeen, the unit’s commander, told of a recent car accident in which an infant died, but a woman and her 9- and 12-year-old children were saved.

“Winning hearts and minds by saving lives,” Killeen said. He spoke of how one of his medics kissed the head of the dying baby. “That’s a form of communication that goes on, no matter what you think of the war.” [my emphasis] Stars and Stripes

The compassion that our troops show is beyond anything that the enemy is capable of and because of this, you will hardly see it or read about it. That in and of itself is a particularly sad reality.

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