More Vietnam Documents Point to Kerry and VVAW

I reported in an earlier post that documents had been discovered in US archives that show John Kerry and his comrades at the VVAW were taking their directions from the Communist North Vietnamese. Well, another document has surfaced and it is looking very bad for the junior senator from Massachusetts. Of course, this will probably not pan out in to anything big because he is in bed with the MSM. Isn’t it funny, Kerry in bed with the MSM and Clinton was in bed with everybody else.

The picture on the top is John Kerry reporting for duty in Vietnam, the picture on the bottom is Kerry reporting for duty at his convention. You might say it is a before and after picture:

Perhaps if Zell Miller had been Kerry’s Drill Instructor back then he would have been squared away now.

Let’s make sure we discharge this guy from the election process before he screws things up again.

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