More Tough Talk From Iran

Iran has vowed that if the US attacks they will retaliate with double the intensity. They will come after us and now I feel really scared. They fought with Iraq for 8 years and the battles ended in a stalemate. We beat Iraq in weeks. I imagine if we put our minds to it we could bomb them back into the caves they crawled out of without ever stepping foot in their miserable little country.

The Iranians are talking tough and I believe they are trying to provoke us. As I have stated in the past, we should leave them be and go at this the way we were told we should have handled Iraq. Then, when they launch a nuke at someone we can sit back and watch the show. It would be a shame that it happened but we could then say “We told you so.”

Iran is pathetic but just psychotic enough to make things ugly. They should not mess with us. If we get ticked off we just might eliminate them from the human race.

Source: Reuters

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2 Responses to “More Tough Talk From Iran”

  1. Robert says:

    I’d hate for a nation to get hit with a nuke, just so we could say “I told you so” But thats where we are, Can’t live with them, Can’t kick the crap out of them until the Dems say it’s ok.

  2. Big Dog says:

    I agree, I do not want to see anyone hit with a nuke, and I did not intend to make it look that way (so if I did I am sorry). I just believe that we are at the point where people will not pay attention until something bad happens to them. They certainly paid little attention when something bad happened to us.