More Proof Obama And Holder Are Murderers

Mr Obama, YOU did build this…

We did not need much proof that Obama is a murderer. He supports allowing babies born after an unsuccessful abortion to be left to die. He supports abortion on demand and at any time during the pregnancy. He supports murder whether the decision is above his pay grade or not.

Obama and his Attorney general are also complicit in the murder of Mexicans and at least one (and possibly a few more) Border Patrol Agents. When the Mexican drug cartel enforcer, Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez (El Diego), was captured in Mexico he had weapons from fast and Furious in his possession. Yes, the man who was responsible for the mass murder of school children and rival drug cartel members in Mexico committed his murders with guns that Eric Holder and Barack Obama allowed to walk into Mexico.

Obama and Holder have broken the law, acted with reckless abandon, and allowed guns to illegally walk into Mexico where they were used to murder people.

To top it off they have both lied about their involvement and Obama has taken proactive steps to cover up the illegal activities by sealing documents relevant to the case.

Obama and Holder lied and people died.

Imagine how up in arms (pun intended) the liberals and their sock puppets in the media would be if George Bush had allowed firearms to be illegally walked into a country where they were used to murder people. Imagine how the left would suddenly love and care about Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry if he was murdered with a weapon provided by George Bush. Since Barack Obama and Eric Holder were involved in the murder the media are silent.

It is disgusting that this happened and it is disgusting that Americans and Mexicans were murdered as a result of illegal activities by Barack Obama and Eric Holder.

It is just as disgusting that this was all done as a ruse to convince people that American gun laws needed to be stricter. This was done to arm Obama with plenty of ammunition (pun intended again) so he could go after more gun control.

Obama and Holder broke the law in an effort to force more gun control (and to eventually outlaw guns) and people ended up dead.

Now they are covering up the crimes they committed.

We need to remove them from office and November 6th is our chance to do so.

In a just world they would both be serving time in a federal prison.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “More Proof Obama And Holder Are Murderers”

  1. Blake says:

    Once again with the cat and vinyl floor analogy- they just can’t cover up sh*t.