More Outsourcing And Obama Media Cover

BMG and Random House published both of Barack Obama’s books, his campaign plan and Michelle Obama’s new book and they are owned by a German company.

Do you mean to tell me that Obama could not possibly find an American company to publish his books? Did he have to outsource this stuff? One could make an argument that he was not in the White House when the books were published (so he felt differently then) but his campaign plan and Moochelle’s book are current. So Obama continues to outsource work…

The German company, Bertlesmann AG, was the biggest producer of Nazi propaganda.

Might explain why Obama is with them.

What does Obama’s outsourcing have to do with anything? Well, BMG Rights Management has made a copyright claim and had a Mitt Romney You Tube ad pulled because it features Obama singing some of Al Green’s song “Let’s Stay Together.”

But, that is copyright infringement and you conservatives are supposed to be about the rules.

True, we are for the rules (which is one thing liberals hate) but using a video with a few lines of a song is not copyright infringement. It probably falls under fair use.

But, but, BMG has rights and if they invoke copyright then the ad needs to be pulled.

Well, I would say yes if that was the real reason the ad was pulled. The reality is that BMG invoked copyright because the ad is against Obama. If the ad was made by Obama and featured a clip of him singing a few lines of the song there is no doubt it would NOT be pulled.

Oh sure, and you, Big Dog, can read people’s minds. You are some kind of conspiracy nut.

Yep, except here is a You Tube video of Obama singing the song. It is a clip of what was used in the Romney ad and BMG did not object to it…

So let’s recap. A German company that has a history of Nazi propaganda is aligned with Obama and has used its might to censor something unfavorable to Obama. Yeah, that looks like a propaganda move.

And to top it off Obama has outsourced his publishing work to that company.

No wonder he is lying his donkey off about Romney and Bain…

The information for this post came from Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “More Outsourcing And Obama Media Cover”

  1. Blake says:

    Socialists and Nazis are inveterate liars- it is in their DNA, and bothers them not at all- I don’t even think they know they ARE lying.
    In their minds, whatever they say just MUST be the truth, how could it be otherwise, since they are so smart, and the rest of the world is Soooooooooooo dumb-(apologies to Mel Brooks).