More On WMD And The Moron Left

Recently, Rick Santorum put out a press release showing recently declassified information showing that since 2003 our troops had recovered around 500 chemical filled munitions in Iraq. The report clearly indicates that these munitions were left over from the first episode of the Gulf War (since this one is a continuation). The revelation shows that Hussein did in fact possess WMD and that he did not get rid of them as he indicated to weapon’s inspectors and the world. Unfortunately, this information gets little notice in the media most likely because it refutes their previous claims that Bush lied about WMD. We now know that Hussein lied.

Kevin McCullough wrote an interesting piece at which outlines the WMD and how the MSM has ignored this information. He goes into detail to describe how they have touted the no WMD mantra for several years but refuse to report on the ones that have actually been found. The piece also discusses General Georges Sada and his disclosure of the movement of WMD from Iraq to Syria under the guise of humanitarian relief. There is a link to this information and you can read it here at World Net Daily.

Dead Kurds

There are those on the left who will say that these are not the WMD we were looking for and that they were old leftovers. The fact remains that Hussein was bound by UN Resolution to destroy all of his stockpile and he failed to do so. The left is also quick to dismiss the claims General Sada as false or sketchy because they can not be proven. There is a blogger who calls himself PoetryMan who has taken me to task on the very subject at a blog we both visit. In his arguments he routinely displays symptoms of BDS and resorts to name calling and childishness. His whole argument revolves around one theme, prove it. He does not regard Sada as a credible source and believes everyone who does not share his views as Bush sycophants. His rhetoric leads me to believe his name would be more appropriate if it were Cacophony Man.

I find it interesting that anyone would discount the claims of Sada and call him a lair but those very same people put their faith in Hussein when he claims to have gotten rid of all WMD. I think it speaks volumes about the left when they will believe a brutal killer who gassed thousands of people but will not believe a man who gives us a more reasonable answer to the question “where are the WMD?” Perhaps it is because Sada is a Christian. The left has this new found love for Muslims and disregards Christians so perhaps the fact that Sada is a Christian makes him less believable.

Personally, I would love to have found more modern WMD. I think it would have given credence to all of the intelligence agencies throughout the world who reported that Hussein had WMD. This little fact is often ignored by the left wing sufferers of BDS. They conveniently forget that nearly every intelligence agency with whom we do business indicated that Hussein had WMD. These agencies and their information is completely disregarded while the claims of Hussein and the butchers in his regime are given validity. Though we have only discovered old weapons, the discovery itself shows everyone except the MSM and the liberals that Hussein had WMD and was in violation of the UN. This in and of itself was reason enough to remove him from power.

The aforementioned PoetryMan indicated that if we find WMD now it will be something fishy. The indication being that we must have planted them there because we have yet to find them and Hussein is an honest man. If Syria were to publicly state they had Hussein’s WMD and show video of the aircraft delivering it, some people would still claim it was all a lie and that we planted them. That is of course, on of the problems with the left. They argue from a position of deceit and emotion while never letting facts get in the way.

I will not go so far as to say that Sada’s comments represent facts about where the WMD went because he could be lying. I would say however, that his statements should be taken at face value and given credence until they are disproved. Therein lies a fundamental problem with the MSM and those who suffer from BDS and that is they will not examine any claim which goes counter to the agenda they have established and that agenda is to discredit Bush and our military. One does not need a vivid imagination to see that if a claim were made that documents exist which show Bush lied that the MSM would swarm like sharks in bloody water. Let a claim that is counter to their beliefs be made and they show apathy by ignoring those claims. Yes, unsubstantiated claims about Valerie Plame or Bush lying warrant front page, round the clock coverage, while claims that support our mission and one of the reasons it was undertaken are ignored. This is the “unbiased” media that has rightly been referred to as the media wing of the Democratic party.

Thanks God that Al Gore invented the Internet so that those of us in the pajama media can get information that 20 years ago would have been shelved while the masses were indoctrinated by the MSM’s version of the events of the day. For those on the left who still believe that Bush is the liar and Hussein is the great guy in all of this I would ask if you are willing to take him in and provide him a home? Would you have wanted to live in the country while he was running it (though in all fairness I can’t imagine why anyone would want to live there at any time)? The other question we need to ask is what will it take for the mush filled skulls of the left to realize that the WMD were there? Will it be a chemical weapons attack in their neighborhood? That would of course, lead only to blame being placed upon the President. The President is always in a no win situation when he is forced to deal with those who suffer from BDS.

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