More On The Ports

Unfortunately, this whole port idea is at a fever pitch with people coming out of the woodwork. We now have people asking why folks on the 9/11 commission were not consulted. Perhaps it is just me, but I don’t think anyone on the 9/11 commission is in the chain where the vetting process takes place. This deal was done exactly in accordance with the rules established by the Congress. If Congress now thinks those rules are not adequate then they have been doing a poor job and need to be replaced.

I have said it before and will say it again. This all boils down to overt racism. Everyone is worried that an Arab country is going to MANAGE some operations at the ports. For some politicians it is just a matter of trying to ensure their buddies in the labor unions do not lose anything because of this. If the union gets upset then they will stop paying the tens of thousands of dollars they pay to these Democrats for this very kind of thing. The labor unions are the Democrats collective Abramoff. They pay out money and expect unions to be protected. Very simple when you follow the money.

There are even some jackasses who think that because some of the 9/11 terrorists went through the UAE we need not do business with them. As I said before, all the terrorists went through Logan Airport in Massachusetts on their way to the buildings they attacked. Perhaps we should no longer allow the Commonwealth of Massachusetts do business in the US. One of the 9/11 terrorists was stopped in Maryland for speeding and he was released. We need to exclude Maryland from any business with the US because Maryland is soft on terrorists.

Speaking of Maryland, Governor Ehrlich needs to step back and take a better look at the whole situation. He had a big knee-jerk reaction and then started to temper his comments, unlike Martin O’Malley the idiot Mayor of Baltimore. Ehrlich has done a decent job here but there are many things he needs to clean up. He needs to focus and stop playing focus group or keep up with O’Malley. It does not surprise me a terrorist got through the system here. The Governor’s Motor Vehicle Administration is as messed up as a soup sandwich. They have Doctors on their medical advisory board who forge documents and lie about patient interviews. They have an administrative system that screws people unless they are named Phelps, Glendenning or Ponson. They also have a system where people are incompetent and lose records, screw up transcripts and completely mismanage the entire department of transportation. This is the Governor’s and he needs to fix it. If he needs help he can call me and I will tell him what needs to be done. Before he worries about the UAE, he should clean up his own house, and it is plenty dirty.

I doubt he will call. Republican or not, he is like the rest of them. If you do not have money or are not well connected or part of some special interest group he does not care for you. I doubt he will win reelection, too bad because he is the lesser of the evils.


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