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Here is some interesting information. For all the complaining that Maryland Democrats are doing with regard to the energy problem they caused, many of them had their hands in the company’s cash drawer.

  • “For at least 6 years, Martin O’Malley has rolled over for energy companies, just like Senate President Mike Miller and former Governor Parris Glendening did when they aggressively shepherded the 1999 deregulation law through the Democrat-controlled General Assembly. Since 1999, Martin O’Malley has received at least $8,500 in campaign contributions from energy-related companies. He also proposed a 4 percent energy tax in 2004 for Baltimore city’s residents.
  • [Senate President Mike] Miller took campaign cash from 14 utility companies – including Enron Corporation in Texas – totaling $8,900 in 1999. He simultaneously sponsored Senate Bill 300 to deregulate Maryland’s electric industry. Senate Bill 300 became law in April 1999 and has resulted in BGE’s decision to increase rates on customers this year by as much as 72 percent. Miller also sponsored and won passage of a Task Force to study electric utility deregulation in 1997.

Yep, they caused the problem because they had their hands out for money. The funny thing is, at the MD Democrat’s web site they (just like the DNC) claim that Republicans get all the corporate money while the poor little donks have to rely on the average guy to send in money. Go buy a Democracy Bond, you idiot.

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