More On Alito, Attacks From The Left

A Knight Ridder story based on 311 judicial opinions by Judge Alito concluded the following:

“Although Alito’s opinions are rarely written with obvious ideology, he’s seldom sided with a criminal defendant, a foreign national facing deportation, an employee alleging discrimination or consumers suing big business,” reporters Stephen Henderson and Howard Mintz wrote.

The reporters also concluded that Alito “rarely supports individual rights,” shows “a strong deference to police authority” and is extremely skeptical about claims of racial discrimination. Henderson covers the Supreme Court for Knight Ridder. Mintz, a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, a Knight Ridder paper, worked on the Alito project during a stint in Washington.

Democrats were circulating this report (all those staffers and they rely on the MSM. Oops, silly me, the media wing of the Democratic party) in preparation for their opposition showing to him in January 2006. I want to know why it is wrong that a judge hardly ever sided with a criminal or foreign national facing deportation. If it was a person who committed a crime then what does one expect? If a person is here illegally or has broken a law and deserves deportation, why knock a judge who does not side with the person being deported?

He has not sided much with people alleging discrimination and this is supposed to be bad. We live in a country where it is called racism if a white guy breaks wind in the presence of a black man. The leaders in the black community cry racism all the time, often when it is not so, just to call attention to themselves. Is it any wonder that claims of racism are viewed with skepticism when so many false claims are made? The same holds true for consumers suing big business. Often times people file suits in hopes of getting rich quick for some BS problem. Anyone remember the idiot who spilled hot coffee and sued? Now we have cups that tell us the HOT coffee inside is, well…hot. The TV is full of ambulance chasing lawyers who want to sue for negligence, malpractice and all kinds of other things. John Edwards and ambulance chasers like him are the reason these kinds of lawsuits are looked at with skepticism.

How can these people claim he rarely supports individual rights when they failed to give us the facts of the cases so we can see what exactly was not supported. I have seen the people in court and watched the criminals on the news. They have more rights than those of us who abide by the law. It takes 12-20 years to execute a person who has, without a doubt committed murder and inmates get cable TV, a library, and a gym plus free meals three times a day and live in a warm place. They are doing better than the homeless.

I can see that the smear patrol is out and they are trying to tell us that Alito will not look out for our rights. They are wrong because he decides law based on the Constitution and that document protects the rights endowed upon us by our Creator. The reason they are doing this is because they fear that the days of BS lawsuits and legislation from the judicial pulpit are going to end. They can not get their agenda through by following the rules so they use their buddies in the courts to usurp the authority given to government by the American people.

This will fail miserably and Alito will be confirmed. We will finally have a Supreme Court that has a majority who follows the rules and does not coddle to the liberal interest groups and politicians who are conducting a social experiment in the collapse of our society.

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