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We are in a war against radical Islam and their goal is to take over the world. The Islamic religion and its followers remind me of a creature on Star Trek The Next Generation known as the Borg. The Borg were a collective unit that went about the universe assimilating all life forms into their collective. Radical Islam is no different in that their desire is to assimilate everyone or kill them. This is from page 362 of the 911 Commission Report (the Committee designed to cover Clinton’s failures):

Bin Ladin and Islamist terrorists mean exactly what they say: to them America is the font of all evil, the “head of the snake,” and it must be converted or destroyed.

Terrorists killing

Converted or destroyed. To radical Islamic terrorists there is no distinction between government and religion and they look at what they are doing as a noble cause. Where we have regard for human life and would never strap bombs to our children and make them blow themselves up, the radical Islamic terrorists see this as an appropriate method to kill or convert everyone. bin Laden is not the only Islamic terrorist to say these things. The head of Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map. I believe that is because the Jews are God’s chosen people and the Islamic terrorists see that as a threat to their quest for world domination.

Bin Laden and other Islamic terrorists see only two options, convert or be destroyed. I see a third and that is (for them) be defeated. We can not and will not lose the war against terrorism, which is a war against Islam. It does not matter how many different ways the politicians sugar coat it and try to insulate some in the Muslim world, the fact is their religion of peace is only peaceful to other Muslims who follow the Islamic law. Why do you think CAIR has not spoken out against any of the atrocities that the Muslims have committed? To them, the acts were perpetrated against non-Islamic terrorists, or infidels, so it is perfectly OK. Let a Muslim have underwear put on his head and they go berserk.

We are in a war that will last a long time. We must engage and destroy them. Make no mistake, my position is entirely different than theirs in that I do not want to force Christianity (or any other religion) on them and would be happy to pack up and go home if they would extend the same courtesy. The simple truth is, they will not stop until we have been assimilated or destroyed. I say we do not stop until we have reduced them to an ineffective force.

Those on the left who continually argue that our acts in Iraq have encouraged more Muslims to become terrorists are completely wrong. The Muslims would recruit their people to commit terrorist acts regardless of whether we are in Iraq or not. We were not in Iraq when they bombed the Cole, attacked the WTC the first time or the second time. They recruited people to kill us simply to cut the head off the snake. I think it is wonderful that we are bringing people who would be terrorists anyway to Iraq. Our war there has drawn them out of their holes and given them a place to focus their efforts. Instead of having to fight them all over the world, we gave them an arena to come to so that we may send them all to hell.

The left can tell us as many times as they want to that Islam is a peaceful religion but that does not make it so. We need to recognize it for what it is and understand that it is a an ideology that has no room for the thoughts or views of others. We must also realize that the only way to keep from being assimilated or destroyed is to fight and kill. Any political party that is unable to see this and unwilling to take this action is not fit to lead this country. Cutting and running will give the enemy another foot in the door.

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One Response to “More Of What We Are Fighting”

  1. Bosun says:

    Framing the Conflict

    No one knows the stakes of the deadly game in Iraq better than the two men charged with
    winning it. On one side stands Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of
    Staff. His opposite number is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, al Qaeda’s bloodthirsty lieutenant and the most central actor in the Iraq insurgency.
    It’s not surprising that Myers and Zarqawi see the same stakes in Iraq. What’s disturbing is thefact that so few Americans understand what these men are fighting for.

    In March 2003, the United States launched a proactive campaign to oust Saddam Hussein and
    install democracy in Iraq. All controversies aside, the invasion was clearly and explicitly
    predicated on an old military maxim — the best defense is a good offense.

    But in September 2005, American’s best offense has become a desperate defense of virtually any
    position in Iraq. In a little-noticed Pentagon news briefing in August, Myers laid out the likely consequences if the U.S. is perceived as retreating under fire.

    “The stakes are huge,” said Myers. “If the Zarqawis of the world, if (al Qaeda) were allowed to be successful in Iraq, in their view, that would be the start of the caliphate that they envision. The stakes would be huge for the region. You talk about instability. It would be instant instability in that region, in Saudi Arabia on down the Gulf states, perhaps Iran, Syria, Turkey.”

    With those words, Myers unambiguously identified America’s strategic imperative for the postinvasion conflict in Iraq — preventing the birth of a fundamentalist Islamic empire spanning the entire Middle East — al Qaeda’s Caliphate.

    Understandably, perhaps, Myers significantly understated the probable scale of post-withdrawal instability if the U.S. leaves Iraq at a perceived disadvantage. The politically uncomfortable reality is that key U.S. allies would be put at risk — nations like Pakistan, Egypt and Afghanistan, even parts of Russia.

    exerpt from