More News about Illegals

The national guard of the states are here to protect us and to serve when called to active duty. They are not able to perform those duties if they are forced to follow the same stupid Rules of Engagement that we make the troops in Iraq follow. National Guardsmen were overrun by and had to retreat from ILLEGALS in an area know for drug smuggling when the ILLEGALS began shooting. There is no word on whether the guardsmen ever returned fire.

This is BS and people need to wake up. I would not allow my soldiers to be there without weapons and if they had weapons I would have given the order to shoot. You are never, ever denied the right of self defense and when someone is shooting at you, you have the right to shoot back. If we put our military there and do not allow them to stop people, why do we have them there in the first place? Source: AZ Central

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Those ILLEGALS must have been rushing across for their slice of the free money the Congress is giving away. Congress has slipped through some shady legislation that will allow ILLEGALS who earned money ILLEGALLY to collect Social Security. As if Social Security was not in bad enough shape the Congress is giving the money away like it is not theirs, oh wait it isn’t.

If the Congress would allow us to invest a portion of our Social Security we would be a lot better off. Most folks would have quite a bit of wealth and would live independent of the government, and there in lies the problem. Congress want you to depend on them. By allowing ILLEGALS to mooch off the taxpayer yet again, the government is building a new class of people who depend on big brother. Dig down deep in your pockets because it is going to get ugly. All the more reason the guardsmen on the border need to shoot. Washington Times

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How are these poor ILLEGALS getting here? They trek across unforgiving terrain in an effort to make it to civilization before they die and they are doing it while trying to avoid being caught. Many of them die on the way because they can not tolerate the conditions or they get lost and end up stranded in the desert.

Well fear not ILLEGALS. Your government in Mexico is going to give you SATNAV devices so that you can track your way into this country. You will have a little global positioning system to help you break the law. The government of Mexico is giving people the items they need to break the law. I wonder if they give bank robbers guns down there?

The good thing for these Mexicans. After they get here and steal their first car they will have a navigation system to lead them where ever they want to go. The Standard

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The RINO governor of California has decided that he wants to have universal health care for all God’s children (it is always for the children) so he will push for that this year. Being the stand up guy that he is Arnold will allow ILLEGALS to have the coverage as well. Is it any wonder they are shooting their way in and using sophisticated devices to make it into this country? They want the free bennies that legal workers and taxpayers pay for. It is nice of them to live off our money. That makes them real pimps.

Arnold is pushing a plan that is estimated to cost 400 million dollars a year. Since no estimate of a government plan is ever on or under we will double it for accuracy. That will be 800 million dollars a year, some of which will pay for the ILLEGAL children of ILLEGAL parents to be insured. How about they stay home and the government use the money they are spending on navigation systems to provide health care for their own urchins. This is the kind of crap that makes hard working taxpayers believe it is OK to shoot first when they are breaking in.

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TexasFred | Stop the ACLU

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2 Responses to “More News about Illegals”

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  2. bj1 says:

    I am literally sick to death of what our government is cramming down our throats… In my opinion Texas Freds solution is a good one… I cannot imagine our government allowing our border patrol, guardsmen, etc, to be KILLED if it strikes the fancy of the illegal invaders to do so and the agents not able to fire back and protect themselves… And its happening already…. I understand there are people volunteering to help our border patrol . They are there and they are ARMED …. Thank God we have some who see what is happening here and protecting us as our own government wont.bj1