More Nanny State Intrusion

New rules will go into effect this July and those rules will ban all junk food from schools. We are not talking just banning the food in vending machines or in the cafeteria (the food served there) no sir, we are talking about no junk food on the premises.

This means that school children will not be able to take a candy bar or bag of chips to school whether it is part of the lunch they brought or not. It means that parents have no say at all in what goes into their children’s lunch. This is the nanny state.

It is up to parents to decide what to give their children. If the school wants to ban the vending machines or cafeteria that is the school’s business but what a child brings to eat is between the child and the parents.

I see no problem with so called junk food being part of a balanced lunch so long as that is not the only food. Chips or pretzels go well with a sandwich and children can burn those calories off. If they want to encourage children to be healthy then they should put recess back in school.

In any event, how will this square when the school wants children to sell candy bars or pizzas as part of fundraising activities? Will the girl scouts who use the school for meetings be able to sell (and eat) their cookies?

Parents and students should decide and do as they wish no matter what the school says.

It would also be good for them to refuse to participate in ANY fundraisers (regardless of what is sold) to make a point about the entire process.

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2 Responses to “More Nanny State Intrusion”

  1. Barbara A. Orla says:

    I absolutely agree with you. I am so tired of Michelle ordering us on what we have to do while she eats what she wants at her fancy dinner attendances. There is no way the school would tell me what to feed my kids and I would like to see every parent bring a lawsuit against Michelle and the government for what they are doing.

  2. Mike Radigan says:

    Russian url post above. Please delete.