More Moonbat Distortions

I was reading the posts at LostAdam and I had to write about what I read. I would comment there but it seems that some of his moonbat commenters were not happy with what I wrote so they boycotted him because of me. I decided to stop commenting there so all the kool aid drinkers could get back together (they still hardly ever comment).

I was disturbed by two comments that I read because they are blatant misrepresentations of fact. In the first one Adam responds to this post by Mark Noonan from GOP Bloggers:

“Why are our Democrats using racial slurs against Lt. Governor Michael Steele of Maryland? Because as a conservative Republican who happens to be black, he threatens the Democrats’ stranglehold on the black vote.”

To which Adam responds, “Threatening the “stranglehold” huh? I think the Republicans are preserving that so called “stranglehold” pretty well on their own. What do you say?

There is something about a 2% approval rating that makes me laugh out loud when people like Noonan utter phrases like this one: “We are improving GOP outreach to black voters, but the proof will always be in the pudding.” Yeah, that’s some pudding alright.”

Noonan did not make some claim that Bush had a high approval rating among blacks. He said Steele threatens the Democrat’s stranglehold. Now I admit 2% is pretty low but let us keep in mind that Bush only got 11% of the black vote in the last election. Republicans very rarely ever get a high percentage of the black vote. Now I know Adam is in college and they don’t learn in college anymore so I will point out the obvious and that is if your party gets 88% of the vote (Kerry’s take) then you have a stranglehold on that block of voters. A 2% rating means little when only 11% supported you to begin with. But instead of recognizing the facts, Adam distorted them.

The other thing that miffed me was a phrase he wrote about torture and the fact that some Iraqi prisoners were reported to have been starved and mistreated by the Iraqis. The whole premise is that they are no better than they were under Saddam. Adam and his ilk are still complaining about WMD despite the fact that we have found some of those very items (including yellow cake uranium that Joe Wilson said they were not trying to procure). I don’t really care about all that because people who allow others to think for them will never see the truth but this was a low blow:

Bush doesn’t nation build, he just exports American democracy. With so many eggs going bad in the United States military, was it any surprise that before long Iraq would have a few bad eggs of her own?

There are anywhere from 135,000 to 160,000 service members there at any given time. For the sake of argument we can assume that around 150 soldiers have done something bad (which, by the way, they are being prosecuted for). one/one thousandth of our strength is 1350 to 1600 so in reality 99.999% of our troops are doing the right thing and this moonbat who could never understand the commitment it takes to be a warrior says that there are so many eggs going bad???? It would take 13500-16000 people doing bad stuff to be 1%

This is one more example of the left bashing the troops. They all claim to support the troops but they are lying. They are secretly happy when our troops are killed. They have parades when they mark artificial milestones like 2000 deaths. They do not support the troops and they are really not worthy of the protection the troops have ensured for them.

If you would like to read something from someone on the ground then I suggest you go to Partamian Report and read about the Iraqis working with us from a troop who is there.

It is really easy to be brave sitting behind a computer in the safety of your home. It comes real easy to write about people who are giving you the very freedom you enjoy. It is also an act of cowardice which has been repeated time and again. I have decided that no, the moonbats do not support the troops no matter how much they say they do.

As an aside, what does it say about our educational system (especially the higher learning institutions) when the two examples here were matters of simple math. When a person considers 88% not a stranglehold and when a person thinks that 0.001 of a population is “so many.” Although, if this is an accurate representation of those numbers, Bill Bennett was right.

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One Response to “More Moonbat Distortions”

  1. Wild Thing says:

    Love your post! I am so sick of the left bashing our troops!!!!!