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For those who think the MSM is not biased, despite what Surfside has pointed out on a number of occasions, then perhaps this will shed some light. A book recently came out that Hillary did not particularly like. I have read the book, “The Truth About Hillary”, and I found it to be quite an interesting book. I am sure she does not like it because it sheds light on the deceitful life she has lived in her quest for power. It shows what kind of despicable low life she really is and, of course, she does not like it. Many will think this is some right wing bash job but the author, Edward Klein” is a lefty. However, here is some information from former US Congressman John LeBoutillier. His information shows us not only the power the Clintons have but how the MSM is in their back pockets.

1. Beginning in April – two full months before the book’s June 21 publication date – the Hillary War Machine, using cutouts, began faxing anti-Klein diatribes to New York state radio shows. I know this because one such radio host, Kevin Doran, up in Hornell, New York, interviewed me and told me, “I started receiving these faxes from some PR firm about a book I had never even heard of!”

2. Then, when the first excerpt of the book appeared on June 8 in Vanity Fair, a pro-Hillary front group, Media Matters, began rebutting and distorting things in the book.

3. As the book hit the bookstores on June 21, Ed Klein suddenly found himself canceled from a number of TV shows that had already booked him or indicated they were “strongly leaning” toward booking him, including “Good Morning America,” Paula Zahn and Aaron Brown.

CNN and Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz reported that Team Hillary was telling these MSM TV shows and networks not to book Klein – or else face the consequences of unfriendly relations with Hillary from then on.

MSNBC’s head, Rick Kaplan, a Clinton pal who overnighted in the Lincoln Bedroom, has banned Klein from appearing on any MSNBC shows. (Team Hillary is also rounding up people to submit negative book reviews to Amazon – even if they have not read the book.)

4. Now comes the latest salvo from the Hillary War Machine: a new spin that the book – which has now been in the top ten on the New York Times best-seller list for three straight weeks – is actually “not doing well.” Friday afternoon, I was contacted by a Newsweek writer who told me: “I am surprised how badly the book is doing. It has fallen off quickly.”

When I replied that Klein’s book was doing very well given that Klein had been blackballed from network TV (except for Hannity & Colmes, Lou Dobbs and John Gibson), she replied: “Oh, he’s had plenty of publicity. And the book isn’t doing as well as ‘Unfit for Command’ (the Swift Boat vets’ book of last year). It is sinking quickly.”

Again I countered, “Yeah, but that book had $100 million worth of TV ads supporting it!”

Not coincidentally – and almost at the same time – Ed Klein was contacted by the New York Times for a piece in Sunday’s Week in Review section. Within minutes of beginning this conversation, Klein knew the theme of the story: The book is not doing well.

The reporter, Edward Wyatt, repeated virtually everything the Newsweek reporter had said to me: The book’s sales were poor and “falling quickly” and not as good as ‘Unfit for Command.’

When Ed Klein countered that the book was now on the New York Times list for the third straight week, Wyatt blew that off and kept the focus on his Team Hillary-directed spin: The book is not doing that well. He used the exact same words as the Newsweek reporter: “drop-off,” “sinking” and “fallen.”

Clearly Team Hillary distributed a new set of Talking Points to their media lap dogs in the MSM.

If this book is actually full of lies like the Clintonistas contend then why such an effort to keep the author off the air? If he were telling lies it would be easier to expose them if he were to make the circuit. If he went to a lot of places he would eventually slip up and say contradictory things. Sort of like the Kerry Campaign. The more he went out and talked the more he contradicted himself. But instead, the Clintonistas have tried to shut this guy up. They do not want him out there because he has a well referenced book with sources and they do not like it. I will admit that some of the sources are anonymous at the request of the source. Given the violent history of Hillary and the Clinton’s political clout, it is understandable that some people would want to remain anonymous. Most of the more inflammatory items are referenced in other writings or with a named source.

I think the book was interesting. I also think the MSM has shown two things. They are biased and Fox is fair and balanced. Fox was one of the only outlets to let Klein have air time. Bill O’Reilly refused to have the author just as he refused to have Kitty Kelly because he does not think those kinds of books are appropriate. The MSM on the other hand would not have Klein on. The same networks that gave Bill all the air time he needed to discuss his problems and smooth them over with the public, the same networks that gave a lot of air time to phony memos, and the same networks that gave Kitty Litter Kelly all the air time in the world refuse to have Klein on. So much for the idea that there is not a liberal bias in the Main Stream Media. The lefties can say it all they want but this book has exposed that very important fact. The MSM is biased and the Clintons dictate exactly what their puppets in the media do.

I think it is interesting that the left continually tells us that George Bush is a puppet. He is not smart enough to do the job so someone (Cheney) is pulling the strings. I think if you look real hard you can see the real puppets. The MSM is Howdy Doody to the Clinton’s Buffalo Bob.

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