More Media Bias Exposed

Many Libs pretend that the Mainstream Media (MSM) doesn’t predominantly lean to the left. Last week, I posted an example of such bias as assessed by Fox News Channel’s (FNC’s) Neil Cavuto.

Yesterday, FNC’s Brit Hume reported on another instance of left-wing MSM bias. A Congressional delegation jetted down to the Guantanamo Bay containment facilities last weekend to review the situation for themselves. This bi-partisan delegation carried a large contingency of reporters in its wake. Remarkably, though, very little was every reported or published in the MSM. Why? Because by and large the Senators and Representatives thought the facility was in good shape, running smoothly and the detainees were being treated well.

In fact, some of the Democratic Party participants had good things to say about the facility. Hume discussed the visit and reactions:

Congressional Democrats who reported favorably on conditions at Guantanamo Bay after visiting over the weekend received almost no coverage in key mainstream media outlets. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden [Democrat] said, “I feel very good” about prisoner treatment at Guantanamo, Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee [Democrat] said, “We have made progress [there],” and California Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher (search) insisted, “The Gitmo we saw today is not the Gitmo that we heard about even a few years ago.”

Wyden’s quote made The New York Times today… on page 19; the other remarks were left out. The Washington Post, meanwhile, hasn’t reported any of it. — Brit Hume’s Political Grapevine,

FNC also had a journalist on board the jet with this delegation. Molly Henneberg reported on her experience over the weekend and again on Hume’s show yesterday. One of her clips included another Dem’s opinion:

REP. ELLEN TAUSCHER (D), CALIFORNIA: “The Guantanamo we saw today is not the Guantanamo that we heard about, even a few years ago. This is a facility that, I believe, is on par.” FNC report by Molly Henneberg

All this went largely unreported by the MSM — even though they were all on site with the delegation. There simply would be no excuse for the news blackout surrounding this trip other than . . . a bad case of media bias. Yes, they can shout from the rooftops under-sourced reports of Korans being flushed down the toilet and prisoner abuse. Given the chance to confront the truth — a truth which belies their bias — the MSM falls silent.

The delegation and press watched two interrogations. Both interrogators were women. Following one interrogation, the woman in charge told the group she was receiving low-level information concerning Al-Qaeda. Her detainee was getting along well with her. The second used a technique of reading a Harry Potter book to the detainee. He was considered one of the less cooperative detainees. She explained she used a detainee’s reaction to parts of the book to build a relationship and garner information. Yes, that’s some tough and inhumane interrogative techniques . . . if only our hostages had been treated as well as this by the terrorist.

The detainees have ping pong, board games and often play soccer in the yard. They have their Korans hung by a chain in each of their rooms in accordance with their religious beliefs. The more compliant detainees live together in a dorm-type setting and dine together.

The delegation and press were fed the same meal as the detainees. Hume questioned Henneberg about the food:

HENNEBERG: I did. I ate a detainee meal. Here you see them being passed out in those Styrofoam cartons. There you see Representative Sheila Jackson Lee about to eat a meal, as well. Chicken and orange sauce, rice and okra, and bread, this is exactly what the detainees were getting that day. There you see the chairmen of the House Armed Services.

HUME: And how it was?

HENNEBERG: I thought it was good. I mean, it was good. It was delicious. I ate my whole meal. Well, not all the rice, because there was a lot of rice, but… — FNC, Special Report with Brit Hume

Yes, the MSM willing reports on any negative story about the Iraq situation, the military or the Bush administration. They just can’t bring themselves to report anything positive . . . no matter how solidly sourced.

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