More Little Timmy Geithners Got Stimulus Money

Money Burn

The Federal Government runs a lot of programs and it continually looks for more and more to get involved in. While government tells us that it is capable of running things it fails us when it comes to running things well. Every program in the government has waste, fraud, and abuse. The programs get so big and have so many layers of red tape that money is wasted left and right and the government only finds out (if it ever finds out) after millions of dollars have been lost.

The Government Accounting Office released a report that indicated that 1.6 BILLION dollars in Stimulus money went to people who should not have received it. The money was designed to help people who were behind on their mortgages but they had to be current on their taxes. No one bothered to check and 1.6 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money went to people who, like Tim Geithner, cheated on their taxes (whether they committed fraud or just decided not to pay it is still cheating the government out of what is due).

Not only are these people, like the bottom 49% of wage earners, unpatriotic (VP Biden said it was patriotic to pay taxes), they scammed the federal government and the federal government was unable to detect the scam until after BILLIONS had been lost.

Does anyone really think the government will get that money back? It went to people who did not pay taxes in the first place so it is unlikely they would pay anything else they might owe.

Interestingly, those folks were not detected as tax cheats by the government’s money Mafioso, the IRS. In other words, not only did the government NOT detect that the money was going to tax cheats, it did not detect that these folks were tax cheats when taxes were filed.

Once again, government does not run things well.

The Stimulus was a waste of money as any thinking being knew it would be. It is bad enough that the waste of money known as the Stimulus happened in the first place but to have it wasted on people to whom it should not have gone and who are not paying their taxes is ridiculous.

I thought Vice President Joe Biden, Sheriff Joe as it were (not the real Sheriff Joe who actually follows the law) was supposed to be the public’s watchdog. I thought he was supposed to track the money and ensure that it was not wasted.

We need smaller government and we need government to stay out of things it is not designed to “manage”.

Really, does anyone think that a government that can’t find tax evaders and can’t track money that was not supposed to go to such people will be able to ensure there is no waste and fraud in a government run healthcare scheme (Obamacare) that will involve TRILLIONS of dollars?

Hell, Medicare has been around for decades. It has cost many multiples of what was originally estimated (no government estimate is ever right) and it has had BILLIONS in waste over the decades including a recent discovery of fraud worth 4.2 MILLION dollars. It involved penis pumps and seems appropriate considering what happens to taxpayers every time government runs a program.

Remember, the Stimulus (like all Obama spending) is like the Obama Meal. You order and someone behind you has to pay for it…

I recommend that people regularly check in with Citizens Against Government Waste.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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