More Liberal Sexism

John Neffinger wrote a piece for the Huffington Post in which he is describing how the debate could end up being problematic for Biden:

What if , midway through, Palin is doing okay, or better than okay? If you’re Joe Biden, are you going to just sit there and let her play you to a draw – or beat you? On the biggest stage Biden has ever been on, is he going to let himself get shown up by someone everybody knows is an idiot? Or does Biden get agitated, and start looking for opportunities to attack, to pin Palin down, to put her in her place? If Biden stops playing it safe, all bets are off. He might be brilliant, but things might also go horribly wrong. Huffington Post [emphasis mine]

I guess the left was not clear enough when it spent the last month telling us that Palin was a disgraceful mother because she worked instead of taking care of her children and because she gave birth to a child with a genetic disorder. She is less than a woman because she believes in having children rather than murdering them and Sandra Bernhard would like to see her raped by big black men (imagine if Imus had made a remark about big black men being rapists).

So this nimrod wants Palin put in her place. And what place is that, perhaps in the kitchen fetchin’ her man a brew or gettin’ vittles ready for the younguns?

Imagine how it would have played had Hillary won the nomination and a writer said that McCain had to put her in her place. And I know without a single doubt in my military mind that if a writer, in a pre debate article about Obama and McCain, had said; “McCain needs to attack quickly and put him in his place” the cry of racism would be heard from coast to coast. This would be another code word for racism.

All of this is ground clutter but it points out the hypocrisy of the idiots on the left and their supposed party of tolerance. They are fond of telling women they can achieve anything but only so long as they remain subservient to the ideals of the far left feminazis. Any independent woman who is conservative is not worthy of all that life has to offer.

The only way that Palin could get in their good graces would be to sacrifice her newborn son and call it a very late term abortion.

Fortunately, she has more class than that and higher moral standards than the liberal baby murderers.

The debate will be fun and either of them could win. Though wouldn’t it be nice if Palin puts Biden in his place?

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “More Liberal Sexism”

  1. Adam says:

    I love how you’re always finding sexism from liberals and calling them hypocrites and then launching your own sexist attacks a few days later. I guess though if you don’t pretend to not be sexist it doesn’t make you a hypocrite when you are…

    Or maybe in your military mind calling a woman a cunt and talking about shoving something up her ass isn’t sexist…

  2. Big Dog says:

    How is it sexist to call a woman a name? And that word is an acronym for Can’t Understand Normal Thinking

    If I called a guy a name what would it make me. If I said let’s take that legislation and shove it up [guy’s name] a$$, would that be sexist as well?

    You see, I have no problem with treating women as equals. If I want to call a person a name then their sex does not matter to me.

    Putting her in her place was sexist. Coming from a guy who sees racism in every word, I am surprised you failed to see the sexism. Maybe it is code…

  3. Adam says:

    You play naive about this subject a lot to excuse your piggish attacks on women you disagree with. For some reason you can’t attack them using facts relevant to the situation and instead use some slur like you did or you bring up their sex life like that matters. Pelosi makes a speech you don’t agree with? She’s a c***. Madonna speaks out against views you share? She’s a slut. It’s a pattern if you ask me. I think you got some issues, pal.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Maybe I understand equal rights. The thing you lack the understanding of is that I attack men and women. You call it piggish attacks on women but I go after plenty of men. That bone smoker Barney Frank, Michael Moore, Clinton. You never say I am naive or piggish to them.

    In other words, you expect me to treat men and women differently which makes you a sexist.

    Huffington is the one that started the attack but I fail to see where you took her to task.

    I have some issues, PAL and they are that liberals suck and I am getting tired of putting up with double standards and all the lies. People like Huffington should be taken to meet some of Sandra Bernhard’s friends in Manhattan.